Instagram Messaging.

Connect and engage with the Instagram community: have meaningful conversations, increase customer satisfaction, drive sales.

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Connect to the Instagram Community

Engage With 1 Billion Active Users

Have personalized and meaningful conversations with your customers on Instagram Messaging.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

With 1-on-1 customer care on your customers' preferred channel, response rates and customer satisfaction increase.

Optimize Your Customer Journey

Deploy Instagram for brand discovery, to educate and nurture consumers and drive sales.

Instagram Messaging

Messenger API for Instagram

Instagram is a popular way to connect with brands. Every month 150 million people have a conversation with a business on Instagram through public comments, direct messages and story replies.

With Instagram Messaging, consumers can message businesses via their Instagram Business profile, their shop, and stories. For businesses, there is a huge opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and drive sales by having meaningful conversations with people on Instagram.

The API allows businesses to manage and scale the conversations with their audience on Instagram.

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Use as Your Instagram Messaging Provider

Access All Channels

Get access to all messaging channels available through the platform

One Dashboard

Connect them all in one interface and deliver superior experiences


Use our Business Messaging API to integrate Instagram into your own software

Built-in Features

Benefit from built-in features like quick replies, chatbots, and send rich media

Channel Fallback

We can guarantee the delivery of your message with a fallback to SMS

Instagram Messaging Business Messaging API Supports Instagram Messaging

“We are thrilled that is launching the support of Instagram Messaging within its Business Messaging API and Clouds Solutions. The Messenger API for Instagram will now enable all businesses to connect with customers on their preferred messaging channel, while integrating existing tools and data to drive business outcomes,” said Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, VP of Platform Partnerships at Messenger.

“By integrating the Messenger API for Instagram, businesses and developers can effectively scale messaging workflows to better own the customer experience and build more authentic relationships.”

Get Access to Instagram Messaging via Our API

business messaging api

Business Messaging API

Integrate directly with our Business Messaging API and connect to your customers on their preferred channels. Our API combines multiple communication channels into a single platform. Get access to high volume two-way messaging and global reach capabilities.

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Monthly Active Users (Unique Customers) Price *

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$ 499 / month

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Essential Messaging Channels for Your Business


Essential Messaging Channels Guide

Instagram Messaging is just 1 of many messaging channels used by more and more brands. Their emergence generates many questions from businesses. Chat With Your Customers on Their Preferred Mobile Channels.

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Instagram messaging enables direct one-on-one, business-to-consumer communication.

Connect through and be sure to reach them on their preferred channel and get your conversations started.

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