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Asian dating app Tantan rises to the top with mobile messaging.

tantan mobile messaging case study

Asian Dating App Tantan

What if you want more users for your platform internationally, and make it more attractive for those users to frequently use that platform? These were two challenges of Asian dating app Tantan. Find out just what Tantan did to become more popular and ensure global growth in the future.

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More Than a Dating Platform

For Europeans, Tantan is best compared with dating app Tinder, swiping left and right in your search for a love match. Add photos, write a short description and start swiping. Tantan is part of the company Momo; the market leader in Asia for, amongst others, dating and live video streaming.

Tantan aims to connect the largest group of singles in the world. With over 200 million singles in China, Tantan’s founder Yu Wang says his dating app will be the solution to that problem, and that there’s no better way to do this than via mobile phones. His point is proven by the statistics that each day, over a billion profiles are swiped and new matches are made all the time.

“With text messages, the platform managed to increase the number of returning users to 80%.”  - Tantan

Doing Things Differently

Back in 2014, Tantan wasn’t the only dating app trying to conquer the Asian market. About 100 other dating apps were competing at the time, but Tantan eventually held its place at the top. Part of its success is focusing not just on finding your future life partner, but starting with just getting to know new people, or becoming part of groups with shared interests. This is also a big difference with apps that focus solely on dating, like Tinder. As flirting isn’t part of the Asian culture, getting in contact with others happens a bit differently than in Europe. Therefore, Tantan made a conscious choice to not make their app too ‘sexy’, or allow overly photoshopped photos.

Also, monitoring plays an important role. When typing a message that may be experienced as intrusive by the match, a warning notification is shown first. Also, the receiver of that message is asked whether that message was intrusive. This way, accessible communication is stimulated and Tantan can intervene when necessary.

80% Increase in Returning Visitors

With text messages, the platform managed to increase the number of returning users to 80%. The other part of Tantan’s success is the user-friendliness of the app. In our case study, you can learn from Tantan’s success in growing to the popular platform it is now. 

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