Reliable SMS Messaging for Business Communication

Keep customers engaged and informed with SMS. Reach your target audience, increase conversions and enhance customer service with SMS deliverability up to 95%.


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An SMS Platform Built for Scale, Speed and Deliverability

Use SMS as a way to increase customer engagement and satisfaction and improve account security with our fast and reliable SMS messaging platform. We deliver messages within seconds around the world through our connectivity platform on our privately owned cloud infrastructure.

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Use SMS for

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Achieve a 98% Open Rate For Your Marketing Campaigns With SMS. Increase your CTR and ROI with mobile-first SMS marketing.

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Add SMS to your contact center and help your agents to connect with your customers. Send out notifications without losing that personal touch.

sms verification


Use SMS One Time Passwords (OTP) to enhance the customer experience and increase the security of your (and your customers') online data.

sms orders and updates


Timely communication via SMS helps streamline your business flow. Send reminders for appointments, deliveries, late payments, and more.

SMS for Developers

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Send SMS Through Our Gateway API

Our SMS Gateway makes it easy to send bulk text messages across the globe.

Connect your website or application to our API for reliable and fast global messaging – and benefit from 60+ direct carrier connections to deliver your SMS.

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How SMS Is Used by Our Partners

The Benefits From Our SMS Platform

  1. Worldwide Delivery Under 10 Seconds
  2. Direct Mobile Operator Connections
  3. Secure and Reliable, 24/7/365 Support
  4. Realtime Analytics and Detailed Insights

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Get Started With Our Business SMS Platform

Benefit from our Bulk SMS solutions with all the tools and features to enrich your message. Make your customers happy, send them delivery notifications, booking confirmations, appointment reminders, and more, at the moment it matters. Discover all the possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About SMS

What Is an SMS API, and How Does It Work?

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An SMS API is a type of API that allows your business to integrate SMS (Short Message Service) messaging into your existing software platforms. SMS APIs enable you to send or receive SMS messages quickly and easily through any website or application.

More About SMS API

How to Send Bulk SMS?

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Sending bulk SMS with the SMS API is simple. Our platform supports mass messaging, allowing you to reach a large audience with personalized content, scheduling options, and delivery tracking.

What is SMS Marketing?

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·With SMS marketing you can send your marketing messages directly to the phones of your customers. Promote your products, services, events, discounts, and more to a targeted audience via personalized text messages. Benefit from the impressive 98% open rate and higher click-through rate of SMS messaging.

What Is an SMS Gateway?

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An SMS Gateway enables you to send text messages to mobile phones all around the world. The Gateway is a joining point between an organization’s internal systems and the mobile networks, letting you send out SMS messages from your business without a mobile connection. Around 96% of business text messages today are sent by a software application rather than a human. To integrate this functionality into your application, you (or your developers) should implement communication with a SMS API.

More About SMS Gateway

Are SMS Messages Encrypted, and Is the Channel Secure?

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SMS text messages are not encrypted. SMS Service Providers like have safeguards in place to protect businesses and data. These safeguards can monitor traffic, set IP Address restrictions, limit rates, and other measures to ensure security.

How Can I Integrate the SMS API?

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Integrating the SMS API is straightforward. You can access comprehensive documentation, code examples, and SDKs on our developer portal. Our support team is also available to assist you during the integration process.

More About Our SMS API

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With each technological advance, criminals find new ways to defraud businesses, and Communication Platforms-as-a-Service (CPaaS) is no exception. Organizations as diverse as the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix to DHL are enjoying the customer experience and conversion benefits of And fraudsters want to get in on the act. We take every measure to assure safety, but it will not stop criminals from trying. But there are some additional steps you can take to help prevent fraud.

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Why engagement on the right communication platform is key

Today’s consumers expect easy and convenient communication with businesses. That means your business needs to be easy to engage with and reach when your customers need you. Being present on the right communication channels can make or break the customer experience.

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You’ve heard about SMS marketing campaigns for consumers, but what about SMS marketing for B2B? B2B text messaging is an effective way to communicate with your business clientele, enabling you to build relationships with decision-makers and offer information that helps them make buying decisions.

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SMS Marketing Done Right: 3 Examples We Love

You're probably wondering "What's the point of sending text messages?" Especially since there are now so many new and exciting messaging tools that businesses can leverage in their marketing. As it happens, SMS may be the older brother of these other communication innovations, but it still has some unexpectedly impressive benefits.