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Reach your target audience, increase conversions and enhance customer service with SMS.

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Deliver Business Messages Around the World in Seconds

Engage and Delight Customers Everywhere

SMS for Developers

Use our SMS API code and your API key to send and receive text messages in minutes. Our #1 SMS Gateway API is supported with full developer codes and detailed documentation.

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SMS for Marketers

Send targeted SMS marketing campaigns to your customers and create landing pages that enhance your customers’ mobile experience. Boost conversions using our SMS marketing automation software

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SMS for Customer Service

Provide superior customer service with timely notifications and two-way communications. Increase productivity with chatbots and automation that save time and help you scale.

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Send and Receive SMS Messages Worldwide

Send and Receive SMS Messages Worldwide

SMS has a 98% open rate, making it a more effective communication channel than email.

Connect your website or application to our API or use our cloud software for reliable global messaging. Our SMS platform was built for speed, scaling, and deliverability via 10DLC.

  1. Worldwide delivery under 10 seconds

  2. 60+ direct mobile carrier connections

  3. Highly secure and compliant platform

Start a Two-Way Conversation

Start a Two-Way Conversation

Assign keywords to a 10DLC (10-digit long code) number or dedicated short code for conversational-style SMS message campaigns.

Enabling two-way messaging will allow your business to receive messages and replies from your customers at minimum cost.

More About Two Way Messaging

  1. Choose between a 10DLC or dedicated short code phone number

  2. Initiate conversations by using "opt-in" keywords

  3. Connect to other conversational channels via one API

High-Quality SMS with Transparent & Competitive Pricing

SMS Pricing

Our SMS platform is equipped with the highest quality operators and competitive pricing. Visit our pricing packages to select the best one for your business needs.

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Volume Discounts

Planning to send more than 50,000 SMS messages per month? We are happy to help you with a custom pricing plan.

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One Clear Dashboard for All Configurations and Analytics

Messaging Gateway

Messaging Gateway

Our SMS Gateway API easily integrates into your current system. Use our SMS API code with your API key to start sending and receiving SMS messages in our Messaging Gateway app.

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messaging log

Message Log

Messaging Log provides detailed information on the status, content, and cost of all your sent and received messages, keeping you in complete control of your SMS traffic and data.

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messaging analytics

Messaging Analytics

Messaging Analytics offers aggregated and detailed insights into SMS communications and real-time trends so that you can adapt your mobile strategy directly. In addition, it provides views into the status and performance of your electronic communications.

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mail sms

Mail SMS

Mail SMS is an email-to-SMS app that converts standard emails into text messages using your own email client. You can use any email program to send SMS messages from your Online SMS Gateway account.

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Benefits of’s SMS Messaging Platform

Fast and Compliant Enterprise Messaging

Worldwide Delivery Under 10 Seconds

Our proactive monitoring guarantees fast delivery of high-volume, time-critical messages. Delivery rate and speed are constantly measured by live test results and reporting.

Direct Mobile Operator Connections

Our SMS platform connects to 2,000+ mobile networks from operators in 200+ countries via 60+ mobile operators, giving you high-quality SMS routes at the best prices.

Secure and Reliable, 24/7/365 Support

With high uptime and a redundant setup, you can rely on our highly secure and ISO 27001 certified platform with 24/7/365 support from our Network Operations Center.

Realtime Analytics and Detailed Insights

Our powerful analytic tools give you a real-time, detailed overview of your worldwide traffic so you can track, trace and optimize flows.

Compliance Made Simple

Our SMS platform includes built-in compliance with TCPA, GDPR, and opt-in/out management to give you peace of mind.

Start Using Our SMS Messaging Software for Businesses Today's SMS solutions give you the tools you need to enrich your business text messages and campaigns. Our business text messaging platforms help you succeed by saving you time and money while building customers for life.  

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