Improve learning beyond the classroom

Enhance every interaction with students, from personalized support and notifications to improved verification processes.

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You deliver the experience, we deliver the tools

From student onboarding and notifications to inquiries and scheduling changes, we’ve got the tools you need to deliver a seamless student experience.

How can help your business

Send relevant updates: acceptance letters, scheduling changes and exam results.

Enable students to reach you anytime through their favorite channel.

Get acceptance letters signed, quotes approved and processed more securely.

Streamline all conversations to improve quality with an omnichannel inbox.

Improve your response time with live agents using Mobile Service Cloud.

Optimize your learning services with

Early Childhood Education


Allow students, employees, and educators to sign application documents securely from anywhere. Add online identification and Two-Factor Authentication through SMS to the enrolling procedure. 

Tertiary Education

Universities and Colleges

Communicate easily across conversational channels in one omnichannel inbox. Enable collaboration between faculty and administration with students. Empower impactful online learning outside the classroom. 



Automate and create smart chatbots for students and parents to communicate about admissions, recruiting, registration, FAQs, and daily services using conversational channels that students frequently use.

Superprof case study

Superprof Case Study

Learn how CM enabled Superprof to connect teachers and students worldwide thanks to SMS and WhatsApp Business.

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mobile service cloud

Automate student support

Automate student support: Automate your student communications for enrollment, applications, registration, FAQs and daily services.

Respond to students quickly and offer support using the conversational channels they prefer, like Text, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and others.

Conversational Channels

Engage students on the channels they use daily

Engage students on the channels they use daily: The learning and education journey does not end in the classroom, connect teachers and administrators to initiate conversations with students at home or on campus. Engage with students on their preferred channels for support, news, admissions, scheduling changes, and more.

Combine Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messaging, Google Business Messages, Apple Messages for Business and more.

Conversational Channels

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