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Happy customers are loyal customers! Let's keep it that way.

More than ever, customers expect answers fast. Our Mobile Service Cloud solution lets you manage your customer interactions via our simple dashboard and set up automated responses to frequently asked questions.

That means you can spend more time doing what you do best: selling your products and services.

Mobile Service Cloud

Oxxio reduces calls by 50% with IoT customer chatbot

Oxxio had a problem. Many of its customer interactions were negative, because people only contacted them when there was a problem. So CM.com built Oxxio a customer service chatbot to deal with customer issues and questions and to deliver energy advice in an engaging way.

  1. Reduced calls by 50%

  2. Improved self-service by 100%

  3. Delivered personalized, relevant interactions

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eneco testimonial

“Just start. You learn from day one. What you see when you login to Conversational AI Cloud is what customers are asking. The benefit from that is huge. We use the chatbot data & feedback to improve our chatbot, but we also use it to actively improve our website content.” 

Ruud Huigsloot, Digital Service Specialist, Eneco

oxxio testimonial

Chatbot O. is the beating heart of the app. With both proactive and reactive dialogues, it changes our relationship with customers.

Isabel Thijssen, Product Owner, Oxxio

Measure Customer Satisfaction with these 8 KPIs

8 Customer Service KPIs

Download: 8 Customer Service KPIs

Setting the right KPIs for your customer service team will give focus and improve performance. In this paper, you will discover 8 measurable KPIs: Customer KPIs & Operational KPIs. By using customer service software, you can measure performance by set KPIs.

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