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Automate the customer journey, accelerate marketing success and real-time customer engagement.

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Customer Data Platform

The Power Behind Every Customer-Centric Marketer

Change the way you do marketing with our customer data platform. Collect data from any source you want and CM Data will orchestrate it into unified customer profiles. Target specific segments and automate every campaign so your brand is there on the moments that count for your customer.

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Collect Customer Insights

Marketing is changing. Customers are expecting relevant and personal messages. As a marketer you can only do this by really getting to know your customers. But how do you do that when the customer information is scattered over multiple data sources? With CM Data you can connect multiple data sources to one unified customer profile. You will have real time insights into your customers data and behavior.


Get to Know Your Customers

Everything happens fast and everyone is on mobile. With CM Data you will see activities of your customers happen on the spot! All events of customers are stored and can be used to analyze, segment and trigger campaigns. Don't wait, and connect with your customer in real time. See who your customers are with the easy dashboard and build up segments that match your brand.

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Real time segmentation

Personalize Communication with Real-Time Segmentation

Communication with your customers is most engaging when your messages are personalized, contextual, and interactive. Build segments that speak to the needs and use cases that are specific to your different customer audiences and demographics. Send them information that they care about. Use the query builder target with a laser-like precision, and leverage the communication tools to deliver the message on the most relevant channel.

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Personalize your communication

A Complete Customer Journey with Omni-Channel Marketing

Coordinate all marketing channels on one platform. Think of E-mail, social media, chat apps, SMS and Voice campaigns. Create the perfect flow for every target group. Every customer experience will be personal and relevant. See your conversions grow with our simple and smart solution.

CDP Customer journey

Why Choose CM Data as Your CDP

Unlimited number of data sources

Integrate the data sources you want to CM Data. With our simple API you don't have to limit yourself.

Segmentation of target groups

Target specific audiences with the right message. Make segments of your customer database and specify on profile features, customer behavior and events.

Easy dashboards

Analyze your data with our easy dashboard. Get all the insights you want in one clear screen.

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