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Unlock Your Data With Our Customer Data Platform

Eliminate data silos and create 360° customer profiles by unifying data from all your online and offline sources.

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Centralize and Unify Your Customer Data

Change the way you approach marketing and centralize your customer data within our Customer Data Platform. Connect multiple data sources into one unified customer profile giving you real-time insights into your customer's behavior.

Why You Need a Customer Data Platform

Many of our users have large data sets, but their core business is not digital. Their customer data is generated across multiple systems that have no marketing or communication capabilities.

Our Customer Data Platform (CDP) connects to those systems and creates unified customer profiles. Ready to use for marketers. Enabling them to provide richer customer experiences and improve customer engagement.

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Build 360° Customer Profiles

Customer Data is often fragmented and siloed in different software systems. As a result, you cannot utilize this data to its full potential. Our CDP unlocks your data and solves this problem.

We unify your customer data into 360˚ customer profiles, regardless of how or where your data is stored.

  1. Benefit from the power of unlimited data sources

  2. Integrate data via Webhooks, API integrations, or CSV imports

  3. Unify your customer data into 360˚ customer profiles


Segment Based on Customer Behavior

Segment Based on Customer Behavior

Once your customer data is fully integrated with Mobile Marketing Cloud, you can create customer segments. These segments can be based on any rules and criteria you like. 

Segments can include channel engagement, user location, birthdays, purchase history, web behavior or any other events you can think of.

  1. Segment based on behavior targeting

  2. Segment based on events or demographics

  3. Filter segments by permissions to ensure GDPR compliancy

Achieve 1:1 Personalization

Achieve 1:1 Personalization

One size does not fit all. Customers expect personalized offerings catered to their preferences. You can achieve this by collecting data events from their interactions.

And by personalizing your messaging based on their behavior. These processes can be automated and scaled using real-time smart segments.

  1. Know what your customer wants

  2. Personalize customer experiences

  3. Use real-time smart segments

Automate With Workflows

Once you know what your customer wants, you now need to reach them at the right time and place.

The Mobile Marketing Cloud enables you with all the campaign management tools to create omnichannel customer journeys.

  1. Start omnichannel conversations on Email, SMS, and more channels

  2. Automate with personal workflows

  3. Use advanced campaign management

How to Use the Customer Data Platform

Seamless Customer Onboarding

Create automated sign-up journeys that give your customers a wow feeling from their first point of contact.

Turn Anonymous Customers Into Profiles

Know who your customers are and what they want by collecting their data through giveaways, QR codes, and registration forms.

Re-Engage and Increase Retention

Understand why your customers are inactive and reengage with them using personalized messages on their preferred platform.

Reach Consumers at the Most Optimal Time

Create personalized offers for special moments such as birthdays and anniversaries, that customers will never forget.

Unlock Your Data Today!

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