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Facebook Messenger for Business: The #1 Chat App

Engage over 2 billion users worldwide with Facebook Messenger for Business.

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Why You Need Facebook Messenger for Business

Expected 2.4 Billion Users by 2021

Capitalize on Facebook Messenger’s rapid growth and stay ahead of your competitors.

20 Billion Monthly Conversations

Businesses and users exchange over 20 billion messages monthly on Facebook Messenger for Business.

2 Million Monthly

Facebook Messenger is the leading messaging platforms in the U.S., with over 2 million downloads per month.

300,000 Active Bots on Messenger

Over 300,000 active bots on Messenger help businesses & customers exchange 8 billion mobile messages daily.

70% Higher Open Rates

Businesses using Facebook Messenger for marketing have 70% higher open rates than email campaigns.

7 Million Businesses Use Messenger

Over 7 million brands use Facebook Messenger for Business to reach customers on mobile devices.

The Power of Facebook Messenger for Business

Engage, convert, & reach your goals

Reach 2 Billion More Prospects

Engage with more prospects and customers by adding Facebook Messenger as an OTT chat channel.

Automatic, Reliable SMS Fallback

Guarantee deliverability with SMS fallback, even when the internet connection drops.

Reach Customers Wherever They Are

Convenient conversations via Messenger enable more engagement, sales and revenue for your business.

Support through Facebook Messenger

Streamline Customer Experiences With Messenger

With Facebook Messenger for Business, you can expand your reach and deliver engaging customer experiences. Combine sales, support, marketing, and other communications in a single inbox.

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    Reach customers on one of the most popular messaging channels

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    Offer ways to browse and pay directly within Facebook Messenger

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    Create more brand awareness by linking your ads to Messenger

Use Facebook Messenger for Business API or Customer Contact

CM.com makes it easy to start using Facebook Messenger. Use CM.com’s Facebook Messenger for Business API or access Messenger from our multi-channel messaging platform, Customer Contact.

Customer Contact lets you manage all conversations from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, SMS, and more in one place. Improve your service quality and keep customers satisfied!

To Customer Contact

Save Valuable Time Using Smart Chatbots

Make two-way messaging a breeze for your business with customizable chatbots. Facebook Messenger offers several ways to manage customer expectations, including auto responses, greet-a-customer, response wait times or out-of-office messages.

Add a chatbot that tackles frequently asked questions to save even more time and reduce your support team’s workload.

Start Using Facebook Messenger for Business Today

Facebook Messenger for Business is one of the most powerful online platforms for customer communications. Open up a vast pool of opportunities for stronger engagement, better customer support, and improved marketing and sales.

Contact CM.com to set up Facebook Messenger for Business today!

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