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Engage Customers with Email Marketing Campaigns

Easily design & automate mobile-responsive email campaigns.


Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level

Automatically send custom email marketing campaigns to your customers with our email marketing software or integrate with our email marketing API. Extend your mobile marketing beyond email with SMS and our all-in-one omnichannel business messaging API.

Design Beautiful Email Campaigns

Easily create professional-looking personalized newsletters and promotional emails with our drag and drop email builder. Test different designs with our campaign A/B testing feature.

  1. Send mobile-friendly custom email campaigns

  2. Personalize subject lines & preview text to increase open rate

  3. Utilize our A/B testing feature to help

Send Powerful Email Campaigns in a Few Clicks

Build responsive emails using customizable drag & drop design blocks

Build templates to save time & automatically send emails to your audience

Tailor every element of your email campaigns to your target audience

Maximize inbox delivery rate & IP reputation to avoid filtering & blocking

Send automated customer journeys or single automated campaigns

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Send What Your Contacts Want to See

Show dog photos to dog lovers and cat photos to cat lovers in one email campaign. Personalize your emails based on your customers’ preferences and contact information. Make your campaigns as customized as you want; From personalizing a few words to using conditional content to tailor entire sections of your email around their interests.

  1. Bring your emails to life with conditional content

  2. Show your contacts that you really know them

  3. Drag and drop editor: No coding required

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Automate your Email Marketing

Build unique customer journeys with our email marketing automation software. Our workflow editor allows you to automate and combine your email marketing with other messaging channels, such as, SMS and WhatsApp and 10+ popular channels.

  1. Reach your audience at the right time

  2. Segment your contacts and automate customer journeys

  3. Convert contacts into customers via DRIP or nurturing campaigns

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Send Real-Time Transactional Emails

Connect with your customers and provide them with valuable information at key moments in the customer journey! Integrate our email marketing API and start sending transactional email from your system today.

  1. Account creation, activation, & modification emails

  2. Receipts, invoices, and shipping updates

  3. Password reset and two-factor authentication

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Measure Your Success and Optimize

Get a comprehensive overview of your email campaign & automation performance. Know what works and leverage your data to optimize your email marketing materials.

  1. Manage email subscribers and unsubscribed contacts

  2. Real-time stats on: opens, clicks, bounces, click-through, & spam

  3. Detailed automation and list health reports & analytics

Ready to get started with email marketing?

Want to start sending data driven email marketing campaigns? Book a free demo with one of our marketing experts today! Or create a free account to see our platform in action with a 14 day free trial.

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