Smart Conversations With the Conversational Cloud.

Improve customer satisfaction and enrich every conversation with our full-service cloud for customer care.

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What the Conversational Cloud Has to Offer

Customer Satisfaction

Increase your customer satisfaction by exceeding their expectations. Let your customers communicate with you, the same way they do with friends and family.

Seamless Conversations

Have seamless conversations regardless channel or time. Our smart data tooling generates 360 degree customer profiles so you are relevant at every interaction.

Full-Service Cloud

Reduce pressure on your customer care agents. Handle all conversations from one dashboard. Work efficiently between teams and automate recurring requests.

The All-In-One Conversational Cloud

Using the Conversational Cloud, you'll have access to all channels, tools, and features to lift your customer care to the highest level possible. Our rich conversation dashboard minimizes pressure on your agents, while our in-channel data and payment tools maximize NPS and ROI.

The Conversational Cloud offers a complete set of tools for rich customer care. Regardless of company size, sector or business model, you can add those features you need to create your product suite based on the needs of you and your customers.

One Cloud Including All Channels, Tools and Features

The Conversational Cloud is one rich product suite offering all channels, tools, and features you need to build the optimal customer experience, reduce pressure on your customer care team, and even grow revenue.

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One Dashboard for All Channels

Questions are coming in via many channels and customers want answers quickly. Wouldn’t it be easy if all conversations could be handled from the same dashboard?

Our Customer Contact application offers an intuitive dashboard you can start with right away. No development skills needed. Customer Contact is specifically designed to make life of the customer care agent easier.

Create order in the overload of communication channels and save valuable time for your agents. Use quick replies to reduce response time, continue the conversation across channels and seamlessly transfer chats to other teams.

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All Available Channels

apple business chat
facebook messenger

Ask our Scripted Chatbot for a Helping Hand

90% of customers say an immediate response is an important part of the customer experience. CM Chatbot gives helps you give a quick response to those questions. Only when needed, he will hand over conversations that require human interaction. This gives your agents a chance to handle complex conversations while offering quick response on recurring questions.

Let the Chatbot handle a strict script of sending messages, Stimulate interaction with selection menus and answer-flows. Enrich your conversations with images, videos, and locations. New to chat bots? We're here to help you build, improve, and maintain your bot.

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CM  bot

Build Unique Segments With the Customer Data Platform

Regardless of channels, each interaction should hold value to your customer. That means anticipating their needs, and definitely not asking them to repeat themselves over and over. Customers can now continue their conversations whenever they want, as if a chat never ended.

This means you need clear insight in previous conversations. Has the customer complained before? What does he usually buy? How long has he been a customer for? By orchestrating your data to build rich 360 degree customer profiles, you can anticipate on your customer’s needs and offer them the service to turn them into happy, returning customers. 

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CM Data

Turn Each Conversation Into a Sales Opportunity

Customer satisfaction and issue resolution are highly important. But so is profit. So what if we told you that such conversations allow for a whole new way of selling your products?

Is a customer asking to return a product? Why not offer an alternative he can pay for right in the chat? Or how about consumers looking for product recommendations?

With our payment links and in-app payment solutions like Apple Pay, your customer can make a purchase without ever leaving the conversation.

In-app payments

Get Started With the Conversational Cloud

Offer better customer service via our communication platform, with a wide range of messaging channels to connect to all your customers. Contact one of our experts or schedule a date for a demo to get all the information you need.

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