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Personalized communication drives development. Our marketing software and API's make growth scalable and allow you to own your data using our Customer Data Platform.

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Enhance your Google Analytics attribution data with server-side and cookieless tracking using TraceDock.

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Latest Articles

Ads That Click to WhatsApp
Jan 18, 2024 • Marketing

Ads That Click to WhatsApp: What Are They and What Are the Benefits?

Successful marketing means creating personal and conversational experiences for your customers. And what better place to meaningfully connect to your customers than on their favorite social media platforms and channels such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp? With ads that click to WhatsApp, aka click-to-chat WhatsApp ads, you can offer your customers the direct and personal engagement that they crave. Read all about it!

payspace customer story
Oct 23, 2023 • Marketing

Enhance your Black Friday SMS marketing with Pages

In recent years, the integration of SMS has played a pivotal role in transforming the Black Friday shopping experience. Retailers and consumers alike have embraced SMS as a powerful tool for communicating promotions, exclusive offers, and time-sensitive alerts.

ecommerce peak moments with data
Aug 02, 2023 • Marketing

Peak moments in eCommerce: how to prepare with data

The retail and eCommerce holiday season, or the Q4 high season, may seem far away, but now is the time to explore how to prepare to make the most out of it and garner the best results. This article will explore the essential data to analyze and prepare your business for busier times.

Engage ecommerce peak moments within Q4 blog
Aug 01, 2023 • Marketing

Peak moments in eCommerce: how to stand out with your marketing campaigns

As marketers, we're already thinking about Q4, the year's busiest season for many eCommerce sites. But creating effective marketing campaigns six months in advance is a challenge. How can we stay timely and relevant in a constantly changing world? This blog explores ways to overcome these challenges, from standing out in a crowded marketplace to building authentic customer relationships. Q4 is coming; are you ready?

Jul 31, 2023 • Marketing

The Benefits of an Integrated Marketing and Service Solution

Consumers are nothing like the consumers of, say, ten years ago. They are more critical than ever before and have razor-sharp requirements. They expect speed, convenience, and reassurance right at their fingertips. Meeting these expectations is quite a challenge. Especially if the marketing and customer service departments operate independently, these departments need to work together seamlessly to serve today's consumers best.

Mobile Marketing Cloud conversational marketing blog
Jul 27, 2023 • Marketing

Engagement where it matters:'s take on conversational marketing

Look at most definitions of conversational marketing, and it’s unclear what the excitement is about. “Engaging customers through dialogue,” “interacting with people via real-time,” “two-way communication,” and “putting the focus on interactions using social media messaging channels.” Isn’t that what marketers have been doing for years?

Mar 13, 2023 • Marketing

What is a WhatsApp newsletter and how does it work?

WhatsApp newsletters are messages that can be sent from a brand's WhatsApp business account to a specific audience of customers with information that's relevant to them. For example, you can send people special offers, exclusive discounts, and new product announcements. You can also personalize these offers based on special events like holidays and birthdays or annual promotions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Sep 20, 2021 • Marketing

How Apple’s iOS 15 Update Will Change Email Marketing

Along with a slate of new user features, Apple’s iOS 15 update promises significant changes to your email marketing strategy this fall. These include new privacy protections that will have a massive impact on key metrics, tracking, email list hygiene, and data collection. Learn more about what these iOS 15 changes will mean for your business and what you can do to prepare for them.

industry logistics sms
Jun 09, 2020 • Marketing

Modern Business Text Messaging | Part 2: What is a Long Number?

In Part 2 of our "Modern Business Text Messaging" blog series, we uncover Long Codes, with a detailed definition of what they are, benefits, risks, use cases, and most common ways they benefit businesses...