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Modernize your text message capabilities for marketing & customer service with RCS.

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The future of mobile messaging is here

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Enrich your communications

Send rich, interactive, and personalized text message experiences to your Google device customers directly in their native messaging app with RCS.

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Redefine Mobile Messaging with RCS

For years, SMS has dominated the way we communicate. While SMS is still the most reliable channel, it lacks the ability to send rich features.

RCS has all the features of modern messaging channels, except it sends messages over carrier networks rather than the internet.

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    Verified Sender: Know who is reaching out to you

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    Rich Content: Send Images, GIFs, Live Audio and Video

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    Engagement: Improve your conversion and click rate

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    Dialogue: Chatbot support, calls, and live chats

How RCS is transforming business messaging

RCS is going to change the way we use SMS and takes communication with customers to a whole new level. Learn how our customers have successfully utilized our Business Messaging platform.

Take Customer Communication to the Next Level

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Gain Trust

As an RCS verified sender, your customer always knows it's you.

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Built-in Features

Add rich content like pictures, GIFs, audio, and even video to your messages.

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Channel Fallback

We can guarantee the delivery of your message with an SMS fallback.

Get Access to RCS via Our API or Software

Business Messaging API

Business Messaging API

Integrate directly with our Business Messaging API and connect to your customers on their preferred channels. Our API combines multiple communication channels into a single platform. Get access to high volume two-way messaging and global reach capabilities.

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Mobile Marketing Cloud

Mobile Marketing Cloud

Mobile Marketing Cloud unifies existing data points into 360˚ customer profiles. It's the only solution that includes all mobile messaging channels like RCS, empowering you to create personalized omnichannel experiences that increase customer engagement.

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Mobile Service Cloud

Mobile Service Cloud

Want to provide customer service via RCS Business Messaging? With Mobile Service Cloud, you can interact with your customers via any channel - all in one easy-to-use inbox. Provide a consistent experience across channels.

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