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Reliable Business Texting via SMS Gateway (API)

Our SMS API enables you to send millions of high-quality text messages anywhere in the world within seconds.

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Send and Receive SMS Messages Worldwide

Fully Supported API Code

Start sending and receiving text messages in minutes. Our SMS Gateway is fully supported with developer codes and documentation.

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Phone Numbers to Grow Reachability

Get your short or long code number for two-way SMS and receive replies from your customers at minimal cost to you.

More About Two-Way SMS

100% In-House Developed Software

All software on our platform is designed and developed by our own staff. We own the technology and the data.

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Programmable SMS Texting API Built for Developers

Use our SMS API code and your API key to send and receive text messages in minutes. Our SMS Gateway is supported with full developer codes and detailed documentation.

  1. APIs and SDKs in multiple languages

  2. Built-in SMS compliance features

  3. Routing profiles for any use case

Global SMS Coverage

Connect your website or application to our SMS Gateway for reliable global text messaging. Benefit from 60+ direct carrier connections and 250 operator networks worldwide to deliver your SMS fast and reliably.

  1. Send SMS messages to any country in the world

  2. Choose from local numbers in 37 countries

  3. Benefit from local area code presence with quality routes

One SMS API to Rule Them All

Send exclusive promos & discounts

Alert customers about new inventory

Use SMS for timely notifications

Drive sales with SMS marketing

How Successful Brands Use Our SMS Gateway API

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Start Using Our SMS Texting API in Less Than 5 Minutes

Configure your Messaging Gateway connections in our Channels App and start texting within minutes! Get detailed information on delivery status, traffic, and costs for all sent and received messages.

  1. Easy to set up with 24/7 support

  2. One clear dashboard for all configuration and analytics

  3. Use 10DLC or short codes

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Our REST API Integrated Quickly and Easily

Scale-up or add channels with a single API. We have example code available for most major programming languages. 


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Worldwide SMS Pricing

Volume Discount from 50,000 Messages

Pricing based on individual messages for a specific destination.

Manage All Your Channels With One Simple API

Scalable Multi-Channel Messaging API

Combine SMS with WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, Instagram Messaging, Facebook Messenger, and more to create a multi-channel messaging and communication strategy.

For High-Volume and Global Senders

Whether you want to send or receive messages, our bulk SMS API can support you. We can deliver messages to any destination, and receive messages in an ever-expanding list of countries.

We Take Quality Seriously

With high uptime and a redundant setup, you can rely on our highly secure and ISO 27001 certified platform with 24/7/365 support from our Network Operations Centre.

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SMS has the greatest reach of all communication channels with 98% open rates.  Enrich your SMS marketing capabilities and chat with customers in real-time with our SMS Gateway.

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