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Thanks to Mobile Marketing Cloud, ICA is now able to understand its customers better & communicate effectively.

Superior Customer Experience With Mobile Marketing Cloud

ICA uses's Mobile Marketing Cloud (MMC) to effectively engage with its customers. With access to 360° customer profiles, they can now create targeted campaigns and deliver relevant and personalized user experiences.

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Connecting Job Seekers To Potential Employment Opportunities

ICA Edu Skills commenced its journey back in 1999 with a  vision to help the Indian youth leverage the growing job market and empower their career & professional development. Within a few years, they have emerged as one of the best  career training institutes in India with a handful of prestigious awards and recognitions from top brands in their bucket. With more than 200 training centers spread across India, ICA is set to revolutionize the Indian skill development initiatives by helping students chart their career journey with a good  beginning.

The Challenge

"Initially, our customer data was generated across different systems that did not talk to each other, causing fragmentation and data silos. Driving valuable insights from such data and using it to its full potential, was therefore not possible. We have been using Customer Data Platform (CDP) for a while now because of which this problem is solved as it unifies all the online and offline data sources into 360° customer profiles. This has enabled our marketers to improve engagement and deliver superior customer experiences", said Seshadri Basak, National Head of Media, ICA Edu Skills.

"ICA is one of the top training institutes in India and therefore, have a very massive user base, a large part of which uses WhatsApp as their go-to messaging channel. It is crucial for us to ensure a strong presence on the channel.", Seshadri further added. "On top of this, the lack of a powerful marketing automation tool tossed a barrier in the path of creating engaging workflows and customer journeys. We wanted a solution that could help us engage better with our customers on their favourite channel and enable us to directly automate processes - from email to WhatsApp. Mobile Marketing Cloud made it possible for us to create engaging customer journeys and automate every stage of it while reducing the response time."

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The Solution - Effortless & Effective Communication with MMC

According to Seshadri, using Mobile Marketing Cloud has not just helped them understand who their customers are but has also simplified their marketing processes with the help of the powerful Customer Data Platform and marketing automation software that comes along with it. "The ease with which we can create campaigns is something that I really liked about MMC since most of my team members are from a non-technical background. These are some of the many reasons that led us to move forward with as our partner in the journey of igniting a skill revolution."

Seshadri Basak (National Head-Media, ICA Edu Skills)

"One of the best parts of using's MMC is that even our non-technical teams could easily figure out the functionalities and use it at their disposal. Not only were we able to avoid third-party suppliers and custom integrations & development costs, but we were also able to ensure the best onsite customer experience. "

Better Customer Insights & Impactful Conversations With CDP

"With the rich amount of data and valuable insights that Customer Data Platform (CDP) has provided us so far, we now understand the needs and interests of our customers better than ever."

ICA was able to centralize all their fragmented customer data from multiple touchpoints and drive real-time customer insights and a dynamic single view of the customer profiles.

He added, "With CDP, creating segments based on customer behaviour is easy. It comes with the campaign management tools that helped us in creating omnichannel customer journeys."

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Customer Centric With Omnichannel Marketing

"We wanted a solution that could help us reach our customers on their preferred channels with much ease. Having one platform to manage all customer journeys saved both time and improved efficiency for our marketing team. Omnichannel Marketing platform enabled us to tailor to each segment's needs and deliver relevant experiences. From WhatsApp to email, we have now recorded a notable reduction in response time and have had a boost in our revenues", says Sesadri.

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Empowering Teams With Marketing Automation

"'s marketing automation software led us towards the road of complete automation - be it welcome programs, lead nurturing, or re-engagement campaigns. We can simply create engaging workflows in a few clicks and can automate SMS campaigns, messaging channels, chatbots and more, thanks to MMC. The data driven workflows made processes a lot less time-consuming and has also resulted in a remarkable improvement in our ROI and retention."

Way Forward With

"After over 15 Years of experience and after using over 50 SAAS Products, I have noticed something. The biggest place where all SAAS products fall apart is their Inbuilt Application Support System!

Now, has not only taken our business to a complete automation process by enhancing our ROI but has also provided solid Customer Support! It's the one-stop solution provider when it comes to cloud-based communication!"

Seshadri Basak (National Head-Media & Digital Marketing, ICA Edu Skills) on his & ICA’s team experience using Mobile Marketing Cloud.

Key Highlights- Impactful Results

2X to 5X

After using's MMC solutions, ICA recorded a great increment in their conversion rate which improved from 2X to 5X


ICA is seamlessly managing their email marketing campaigns with As a result, their email open rate increased to 10% which was initially in between 1-3%.


ICA is now successfully reaching out to their audience on their most preferred channel. The same can be seen in their enhanced WhatsApp engagement rate after using MMC by

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