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With a local presence in 20 countries, aims to connect businesses and consumers through a range of solutions that integrates different messaging channels, using data and automation in conversations.

Dutch company announces its arrival in Brazil. The company, valued at approximately US$ 780 million and listed on the Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange since 2020, will be based in São Paulo and bring its expertise to Brazilian brands, allowing them to interact with their consumers through multiple messaging channels and provide a better customer experience.

Frictionless communication

With frictionless and automated communication, through different messaging channels and applications - such as SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Google’s Business Messages, Rich Communication Services (RCS), Twitter, Telegram -, provides an entire portfolio to drive customer engagement strategies. In Brazil, it will offer Mobile Service Cloud, the all-in-one customer service software to deliver superior experiences, engage customers and increase customer happiness. Mobile Marketing Cloud, a solution aimed at marketing professionals that helps to understand the customer's digital behavior and automates and personalizes the message in the channel of their choice; and Conversational AI Cloud, a chatbot solution in which interactions are through predefined responses or using artificial intelligence, to automate and guide customers throughout the entire journey, with a simple, responsive and on-the-spot dialogue.

“As consumers are increasingly using digital channels, it is strategic for brands to use them assertively to interact with their customers and build, through these exchanges, an automated and humanized journey. A survey carried out by Facebook in 2019 and in several countries showed that two in three people communicate with brands via online messaging. And, in Brazil, 72% of those who responded to the survey said they plan to increase their purchases on e-commerce. In each customer interaction, the data becomes more complete and the messages more assertive and personalized”, explains Country Manager in Brazil, Ronald Bragarbyk.

“These messaging channels can be combined and used in the cloud software suite of For example, the software solutions can be used when buying airline tickets, for customer service, to send a promotional message with a discount voucher, even sending an invoice or a 2nd copy of a bank receipt. This is possible because of the combination of all these data in our Customer Data Platform (CDP) platform”, comments Bragarbyk.

According to the International General Manager, Hodny Benazzi, launching in Latin America, is strategic for the company, as the region offers an infinite number of business opportunities. Brazil, in specific, is known for being one of the most engaged countries in social media in the world.

Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO at, adds: “We are continuously focusing on our roadmap for global expansion and are further strengthening our global salesforce. We have therefore recently opened new hubs in, among others, Mexico and Brazil. The Latin American market offers us significant growth potential and the chance to gain market share in this new region. We look forward to expand our offering into the region”.

Reach the upper end of the range of US$ 270 million to US$ 304 million revenue is the estimate for 2021

Due to the innovative product's success, was recognized in 2021 by Juniper Research - a consulting company that carries out important market research and business intelligence, as an established leader in Conversational Commerce, CPaaS Vendors, and Messaging Platforms. A survey also carried out by Juniper shows that sales made through messaging channels that involve chatbots and voice assistants will grow seven times by 2025. The projection for this market, which is currently estimated at US$ 41 billion, is to reach US$ 290 billion in the coming years.

The company's latest data shows that's core revenue grew 97% in the first half-year of 2021 to US$ 121 million. Core gross profit more than doubled and grew 129%, with positive margin development from 22% to 25%. The estimated revenue for 2021 is to reach the upper end of the range of US$ 270 million - 304 million. After being listed on the Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange in 2020, has recently invested in several startup acquisitions to bring a high level of technology across the entire product portfolio, such as RobinHQ (October 2020) and CX Company (May 2020), accelerating the scalability of the business globally.

verbindet jeden Tag mehr als 10.000 Unternehmen mit Millionen von Konsumenten über das Mobiltelefon. Im Hintergrund stellt über eine innovative Plattform sicher, dass Millionen von Nachrichten, Anrufe und Zahlungstransaktionen ein Teil vom Leben der Menschen werden.
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