What is a Long Code or Long Number?

A Long Code or Long Number is a standard-length (10-digits) virtual phone number that can be used by businesses to send and receive SMS and MMS messages or to make and receive voice calls. They are cheaper to use than shortcodes.

Unlike Short Codes, the biggest differentiator of a Long Number is the ability to use it for communicating internationally. Whereas Short Codes are limited to domestic/national communications via messaging.

Long Numbers are typically 10+ digits long and are much more challenging to memorize/recognize than shortcodes. However, long numbers still provide brands with increased visibility and reputation in other ways:

  1. Long numbers are more realistic and engaging to recipients who evaluate the validity of a business message vs. short code numbers that often get associated with automation.

  2. Users are more likely to reach and engage with a Long Number as they are standard length phone numbers and appear more credible and humanized/personal.

Who Uses Long Codes?

Long numbers enable businesses to own their own unique number, unlike short codes which are commonly purchased as a shared short code vs dedicated short code, which are used among many other businesses.

Long numbers provide businesses throughout a vast range of different sectors and industries to collect and generate large volumes of mobile-originated (MO) SMS text messages from subscribers, including wireless application service providers, mobile virtual network operators, mobile virtual network enablers, SMS aggregators, e-sellers, advertising agencies, media channels, and mobile infrastructure providers.

When To Use A Long Code or Long Number?

  • Competitions & Voting

  • Product & Service Feedback

  • Campaigns & Promotions

  • Global Company Availability

  • International Events Updates & Alerts

  • Reception Channel for SMS Messages for Business to Consumer Conversations

  • Direct Response/Reply Channel

  • 2-way communications businesses and suppliers

  • SMS-to-email applications

  • SMS multi-party chat services

  • Dedicated Channel for Mass Mail Campaigns

  • Promotional Activities

  • and much more!

What are the Benefits of Using A Long Number?

Long codes are meant for person-to-person communications and can send only 1 message per second. Long codes have content restrictions that allow carriers to block traffic. Long codes are strictly intended for person-to-person interaction.

delivery alert messaging

Another benefit and feature of a long code is that they offer the same abilities as any 10-digit phone number:

  1. Send and receive SMS text messages

  2. and both inbound and outbound voice/calling.

Alternatively, Long Numbers help your business to scale and expand reach to people no matter where they are. A Long Number is the only type of text messaging code that allows your business to send and receive messages around the world, whether it's to a few different countries or internationally.

Short codes, on the other hand, do not have the capability of inbound or outbound calling. Instead, short codes are more advantageous as they are designed and intended to use when your text messaging campaign requires a high volume of messages that get sent and received daily.

How To Obtain A Long Number?

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