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How Aynjil delivers highly automated processes with real-time multi-channel customer support through's software suite.

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Cancer insurance, designed with care 

Launched in December 2021, Aynjil (pronounced ‘angel’) offers holistic, specialised cancer insurance that provides so much more than just a payout. They've designed a 'heart driven' cancer insurance product that is easy to understand, easy to buy and easy to claim, online.

About Aynjil

Seeking assurance with insurance

Taking out and claiming life insurance has traditionally been difficult and tedious. Life insurance products are also most often complex and difficult for the average person to fully understand. These two problems play a significant role in people remaining uninsured. That’s why Aynjil set out to deliver a new kind of life insurance offering that champions simplicity.

Aynjil needed a technology solution that would help them offer a specialised cancer insurance product that put the customer first. They wanted to make it easy for customers to sign up online without lengthy application forms or medical assessments. And, after a straightforward onboarding process, allow customers to communicate with the company quickly and on a platform that suits them.  

“Clarity and ease-of-use sit at the core of the experience we wanted to create,” said Aynjil co-founder, Gareth Quin. “The last thing customers want when applying for insurance is a clumsy application process. Our process takes 3 minutes on any device. On top of that and we think more importantly, the claims process needs to be 'low stress' - clear and simple with high touch communication throughout. There are some great examples of insurers on the short-term insurance side that are successfully solving the online sales and claims experience for things like cars, mobile phones etc, but, it’s easier for those customers to understand what they’re buying. Converting customers online for life insurance products is more difficult so there has to be a crystal clear value proposition combined with a frictionless experience that offers fast, multi-channel support.“

Harnessing the power of WhatsApp

Sitting at the centre of Aynjil’s unique selling proposition is convenient and relevant communication, which is enabled by’s solutions.

Customer support is streamlined thanks to Mobile Service Cloud. All incoming queries from the Aynjil website and social channels are routed to a support agent, who can then respond to the user via WhatsApp.

“With 96% of all South African smartphone users using WhatsApp (as of September 2021), the instant messaging platform plays a critical part in our service offering. People use it every day, and they’re comfortable with it. Thanks to, we can communicate with our customers in a way that’s convenient for them. And the feedback we’ve received from them illustrates its effectiveness in the region,” Quin explained. 

Communication automated

Automated workflow processes, made possible by Mobile Marketing Cloud, mean that email notifications can be sent out immediately if a user completes or abandons the Aynjil sign-up form. During the sign-up process, opt-ins are gathered, and the system records whether clients would like to receive updates on WhatsApp. If they do, the workflow triggers a WhatsApp message. If they don’t, the workflow triggers an email – all without staff intervention.

With our WhatsApp opt-in rate being upwards of 90%, it is clear that is how customers prefer to communicate with us.

By using's centralised customer data platform (CDP), client data is neatly consolidated at a single, easily accessible point. And creating workflows that trigger automated communication is simple. 

Mobile Marketing Cloud makes it easy for the insurer to maintain systems with minimal input and no need for additional staff.

“Workflows being fired off by the CDP are important for us. By automating as much of our communication as possible, we can effectively scale our business without compromising on the customer experience,” Quin added.

Laying the foundations for global expansion’s solutions have helped Aynjil create a market-leading, customer-focused business. Using’s tools, Aynjil is able to scale their business efficiently through automation. Armed with proof of concept and an appropriate suite of tools, Aynjil is set to benefit from’s global presence in its planned expansion beyond South Africa, deploying solutions in countries such as the US, UK, and Australia that can be immediately scaled with ease. 

“ offers us a full package. The sales and communication processes, all integrated with our ability to gather data conveniently and efficiently, mean that Aynjil’s in-house tech ecosystem is easily manageable and can grow as Aynjil grows,” Quin concluded. 

Enabling your success story

To discover how can empower your business with powerful communication and automation solutions that deliver scalability, reliability, and convenience, get in touch with us.

Your own success story awaits.  

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