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Thanks to's Customer Data Platform, Hardstyle-DJ Brennan Heart can communicate with his fans in a personal way.

Personal Fan Communication With the Customer Data Platform

Hardstyle DJ and producer Brennan Heart has a large dedicated fan base. ensures that he reaches his fans in a personal and unique way. We spoke to Tom van den Tillaer, manager of Brennan Heart and organizer of I AM HARDSTYLE: "'s tools provide a unique and personal conversation with fans all around the world."

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Brennan Heart & I AM HARDSTYLE Facts & Figures

Brennan Heart is a Dutch hardstyle DJ and producer. He also has his own record label I AM HARDSTYLE Music and he creates the event I AM HARDSTYLE, which also has a merchandise line.

For years Brennan Heart has been based in the DJMAG Top 100, an election that takes place every year and based on submitted votes chooses the best DJ in the world.

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    Multilingual SMS campaigns sent to more than 35 countries

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    More than 100,000 emails sent

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    Increase of thousands of registrations on the On-Demand Platform

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    More than 25 one-click segments based on language, interest, etc

Data Collection From Fans

Brennan Heart uses's Customer Data Platform (CDP) to expand its fan database. This allows him to get in touch with his fans more easily and quickly. He can convince them to buy merchandise or an entrance ticket for I AM HARDSTYLE.

Tom: "There is a question from every artist to know who his fans are. Your fans come to your performances, and they buy your tickets. Previously, we had several boxes in which the fan data was stored. We couldn't put all that data together. Now we have the option to put all the collected personal data in one container thanks to's Customer Data Platform (CDP). From this CDP, you can create relevant segments. It's very easy to see who your biggest fans are, for example."

Brennan Heart's On-Demand membership platform allows a fan to log in for exclusive content after registration. Here he can, for example, hear extra music material or be the first to see the new music video. For some actions on the On-Demand platform, extra information is requested from the fan, such as their telephone number or home address. In this way, the fan database is enriched and fans can be reached with more tools. Fans are willing to leave data for a new track or a nice giveaway. Tom: "This data gives access to exclusive content. Put's CDP next to that with their smart data tools, such as SMS and the Facebook bot, and you have a win-win situation for both artist and fan."

Personal Communication With Fans

Only if you know who your fans are can you communicate with them. Preferably as personal as possible. Tom: "The great thing about's CDP is that you can segment very easily. For example, you can select all Spanisch people in just two clicks. Then change the language in the email or SMS you send and give information about the tour in Spain. This makes the communication more personal and unique. By choosing a segment, you also exclude all irrelevant people."

Thanks to the tools from's, communication with fans is proactive and less one-sided. Tom: "It's automated two-way traffic. The Facebook bot, for example, is designed to provide an automated answer to a fan's question. So it really feels like a fan is having a conversation with Brennan Heart." The more automated answers are processed in the Facebook bot, the more personal the answers to fans' questions are.'s database also shows who is really interested, who responds to posts, and so on. Tom: "In this way we can very well pick out those people who really want to get in touch with Brennan Heart. I think it's important to use the marketing in such a way that it has an added value for the fan that we use his data." For example, data was used to offer discounts on a ticket for I AM HARDSTYLE. In this way, a fan gets something tangible in return for leaving his data behind.

The Future of Spotify and Ticket Sales

The line-up of the I AM HARDSTYLE event may be partly determined by the Spotify playlist of fans in the future. Tom: "When we see that Brennan Heart fans also listen a lot to a specific other hardstyle artist, we try to book that artist for I AM HARDSTYLE. Making such connections and thinking smartly really has a lot of value for us." The use of data from the Spotify playlists is still under development. Brennan Heart is involved in's Spotify early access program. He is one of the first to use this tool, but the tool is still being worked on. Tom: "It's very nice to be involved!"

Brennan Heart wants to collect data from all its fans online so that the fan database is as complete as possible. In Austria, for example, the tickets for I AM HARDSTYLE were bought offline. This results in no data at all. Therefore, all ticket buyers of I AM HARDSTYLE 2018 in Austria could order a free wristband for the event. In this way, data was still collected. These fans could be contacted directly and be convinced to buy their tickets online via the I AM HARDSTYLE website in the future. This ticket sale provides new data, which is linked to the CDP of

Collaboration Brennan Heart &

Collecting as much fan data as possible and applying actions to it is the ultimate goal for Brennan Heart and I AM HARDSTYLE. Tom: " advises us about the new technical tools. The starting point for everything we do now and in the future is: enriching each account. Every tool that we can use is one extra."

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The Mobile Marketing Cloud

Brennan Heart uses Campaigns, Email Campaigns and the Customer Data Platform from the Mobile Marketing Cloud. Our Mobile Marketing Cloud is an omnichannel marketing automation tool focused on mobile and built specifically for B2C marketers. Collect data from multiple sources and build 360° unified customer profiles. Create segments and workflows for personalized marketing campaigns, and remarketing ads and be compliant.

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