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Optimal My Jewellery Experience Through Mobile Service Cloud

With a clear proposition and open, friendly customer approach, My Jewellery has grown from a hobby project to a successful online eCommerce company in a relatively short period of time. Since 2015, stores have also been linked to the formula.

With the ambition to make the online and offline shopping experience feel exactly the same, My Jewellery uses Mobile Service Cloud from 

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Personal Contact: Key to Success

My Jewellery's success story begins on a small scale with the sale of jewellery and accessories through social media.

Personal contact was the key to success in the early days. From that position, the ball started rolling and the company grew into a successful omnichannel brand that continues to stay in close contact with its customers.

My Jewellery now has more than 260,000 fans on Facebook and over 471,000 followers on Instagram, it is a successful webshop that processes many hundreds of orders a day to the Netherlands and abroad, and it has seventeen of its own stores throughout the Netherlands.

"Soon we will also open a store in Antwerp and we are looking at a suitable location in Germany," said Marieke van Helvoirt, General Manager of My Jewellery. 

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Identical Online and Offline My Jewellery Experience

For My Jewellery, with its rapid growth, customer service has become increasingly important. Where many companies see this as a cost, My Jewellery sees it as a valuable addition to the brand experience.

Van Helvoirt: "Being and staying in contact with our customers is very important to us. We see every point of contact as a learning opportunity to improve our brand and service. Our customer service employees are all 'ambassadors' of our brand and get the best out of our customer service every day."

Marieke van Helvoirt, General Manager My Jewellery

"Customer experience is important to My Jewellery and this must be identical online and offline. We achieve this by using the same tone of voice across all channels and paying a lot of attention to how we come across as a brand in online and offline contact with the customer."

Optimal Accessible Customer Experience

To be able to convey that consistent 'tone of voice' on every platform, My Jewellery deploys Mobile Service Cloud. This solution ensures optimal accessibility and is a solid foundation for maximising customer experience.

"The main reason for our success is that we pay close attention to the people who buy from us. We position ourselves in our communications as a 'friend of the customer' and in this, we go far. That means we want to be present on every platform where our customers are. So not only online and on socials, but also on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, you name it. The fact that Mobile Service Cloud allows us to be present everywhere from one tool makes the work very efficient for us", says Marieke van Helvoirt.

Live Chat Results


My Jewellery responds to a live chat message via the website within 18.2 seconds on average.


The Happiness Rating is 89% on average. This means that 89% are happy with the outcome of their conversation.

> 6500

On average, My Jewellery has 6547 conversations per month through Live Chat on the website.

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Valuable Personal Contact

Mobile Service Cloud contains a so-called 'Agent Inbox', where all messages from all channels come in and can be answered. In terms of customer contact, My Jewellery has three pillars, each with a team; offline (phone, WhatsApp, mail, direct messages), live chat and social.

For all those channels, Mobile Service Cloud can integrate with other systems, allowing for more personalized experiences.

There is also the possibility of deploying a chatbot. My Jewellery is considering using this for a self-service or FAQ trail, but prefers the actual customer contact.

Marieke van Helvoirt, General Manager My Jewellery

"We are considering a hybrid solution for many recurring questions. However, personal contact has brought our company to where it is today and we value that, so we won't be moving away from that anytime soon. With, we've been able to take that personal touch to a next level."

B2B klanten hebben B2C verwachtingen

Seamless CDP Integration

By continuously measuring various KPIs, My Jewellery stays on top of everything. By looking at, among other things, the speed with which customers are helped and how efficiently the issue was resolved, they measure how satisfied customers are with the contact.

Marieke van Helvoirt, General Manager:

"We keep a close eye on all the indicators and continuously look at where we can improve. One goal, for example, is to handle complaints in such a way that a customer leaves with a happy feeling. That is only possible with intensive personal contact adapted to the customer you are communicating with. To be able to optimize that, you need a 360 degree customer profile. So it's great that we can link our Customer Data Platform to Mobile Service Cloud and collect data in the dialogue with our customer to keep that customer profile as current and personalsied as possible."

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It Starts With the Employees

Van Helvoirt describes it as a kind of domino effect. By giving a lot of attention to the employees, they in turn, can give a lot of attention to the customers. "So it starts with the employees. You want to give them the right tools to be able to do their job as well as possible."

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Leading the Way With Mobile Service Cloud

"The customers are determining where we go as a company. We want to be where our customers are. That means that as a company we are constantly thinking about testing new platforms, specific content for those platforms and how to communicate that to our customers. Mobile Service Cloud gives us the flexibility to stay ahead of the curve and communicate with our customers on every platform imaginable," explains Van Helvoirt.

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