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All-In-One Customer Service Software

One solution with everything you need to provide a seamless customer experience, anytime, anywhere.

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Set New Standards in Customer Service

Mobile Service Cloud is the all-in-one CCaaS solution with everything you need as a customer service team. Interact with your customers via any channel from one inbox, or automate your conversations with a chatbot.

Offer Support via All Channels

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e-mail Celebrates Launch of Generative AI Engine Celebrates Launch of Generative AI Engine

Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

We are pleased to announce the successful launch of our innovative Generative AI capabilities. This release represents the latest advancement in our ongoing AI investment efforts. Read all about our new integrated Generative AI features.

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Channel agnostic customer service software

A Consistent Experience via Any Channel

Customers choose how they interact with companies. All they want is to get their message across; regardless of the channel. Keep up and provide the same level of customer experience across channels. Mobile Service Cloud is channel agnostic: all channels are available in one inbox and can be managed in the same way. The focus is on the conversation: for agents and customers.

New: offer telephone customer support via Mobile Service Cloud

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    Manage conversations from all channels in one Agent Inbox

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    Support via email, live chat, phone, and all messaging channels

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    Insights into all previous conversations; from any channel

Personal customer service software

Create Personal, More Valuable Conversations

Personal customer service can change the way people experience your business. People value conversations more when they feel a connection. 

Use the right data to understand the customer and the situation better. This helps to make every conversation personal from the start. In Mobile Service Cloud, you can integrate all data, and show it right next to the conversation. 

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    See all data in the conversation with a 360° customer profile

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    Invite customers for a co-browsing session in live chat

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    Help agents easily find all available data - within one view

Human-centered customer service software

Put People First: Customers and Employees

Customer service = people business. It's about humans communicating with humans. The best software has a human-first approach, making life easier for employees and customers.

With the right tools, agents can work more efficiently. Customers will be helped by the right expert immediately. No need to wait. No need to repeat your question over and over again.

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    Smart inbox management: SLA prioritization & snooze options

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    Skills-based routing for expert advice

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    Efficiency enhancers like a chatbot and answer suggestions

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Provide the Right Answer Sooner

By collaborating efficiently, you can give the right answer sooner, enabling you to help the customer in the first conversation. After all, customer service is not a one-man job. Service is intertwined throughout the customer journey; and throughout your business.

With Mobile Service Cloud, you can easily work together with your colleagues, other teams, and external parties, such as suppliers or couriers. 

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    Open collaboration system for full transparency

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    Ask questions to colleagues or partners via live chat or email

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    Communicate with customers, colleagues, and partners in one view


Bringing Live Chat & Chatbots Together

We live in a 24/7 world. With a chatbot, you can offer immediate response times.

A seamless handover to Mobile Service Cloud ensures the right help for everyone. Live, human support is always needed.

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Pricing & Packages Mobile Service Cloud

You can get started with Mobile Service Cloud for €35,- per month. Learn more about the different packages & pricing, or watch the demo video.

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Frictionless Service Experiences

Watch the video to get a first impression of our customer service software.

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