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Introducing Instagram Marketing Messages

Today, more and more customer engagement happens on social media. And with good reason. Personalized messages on the favorite messaging apps of your customers can truly benefit your brand awareness. Instagram's new Marketing Messages feature offers a great marketing tool to be visible where your customers are and re-engage them to boost those conversion rates.

Communication on the right channels is important when it comes to customer engagement. It's important to be visible where your customers are: on their favorite app that they already know and use. Because nobody wants to download another app.

Instagram Messaging, with its younger following, is great for targeting Millennials and Gen Z customers. These generations favor Instagram and are known to build communities associated with retail or leisure brands they love. In fact, 90% of Instagram users follow one or more business accounts, and two out of three people surveyed stated that Instagram enables them to interact with brands on a more meaningful level. Long story short: this means that your Instagram audience is open to engaging with your brand. This an excellent opportunity to connect with these customers and boost those conversion rates!

The image- and video-oriented platform of Instagram Messaging allows you to showcase products, services, and your corporate personality with the added value that you can offer personal customer interaction via Direct Messages.

Previously, businesses were only allowed to respond to Direct Messages. When a customer sends a DM to a business (opt-in), a 24-hour window opens in which the business is allowed to send non-promotional messages to that customer. Outside that 24-hour window, no proactive messaging was allowed. This changed with the introduction of Marketing Messages.

Now, there's way to easily send customers regular updates on promotions, deals, and other topics they could be interested in, outside that 24-hour window!

Marketing Messages on Instagram Messaging

Marketing Messages are the newest feature addition to Instagram Messaging. This feature allows you to send daily regular messages or notifications to opted-in users, outside of the previously mentioned 24-hour window! Ideal for sending interested customers the latest deals and promotions to drive re-engagement!

Want to stay up to date about our new product launches? Get daily messages now to never miss out on our great offers!

These ongoing messages can be initiated anywhere in the customer (buying) journey and can include a wide range of topics to aid in boosting conversion. So make sure that the messages you send are relevant to the customer you're targeting.

Unpersonalized or irrelevant messages will start to feel 'spammy' real quick, and customers will not hesitate to unsubscribe from them, effectively closing your window of opportunity.

The Benefits of Marketing Messages

There are many benefits of this new Instagram Messaging feature. Let's have a look at some advantages of Marketing Messages!

  • You'll be able to meet your customers where they are: on their phones and on their favorite channel. This will boost conversion rates more effectively than standard channels

  • It's personal and instant: Have one-on-one conversations that resonate with your customers to deepen customer relationships

  • It's mobile-friendly and privacy-friendly

  • It'll allow you to create additional touchpoints to speed up the customer (buying) journey. By initiating conversations with interested customers - at any point in the journey- you'll be able to accelerate sales, deepen engagement or even generate new leads.

How to Get Opt-ins for Marketing Messages

As mentioned before, you can only send Marketing Messages via Instagram Messaging if you have received an opt-in from your customers. In fact, these opt-ins can also expire after six months that your customer has opted in.

After six months, just before the Marketing Messages opt-in is about to expire, your customers will receive a re-opt-in request. They will then have the choice of whether or not to continue receiving the Marketing Messages.

But before worrying about expired opt-ins, you have to make sure to get that original opt-in from your customers. Don't worry, there are several ways to get opt-ins, and we'll highlight them below. Links

These shortened URLs will redirect your customers to Instagram Messages to start a conversation. Links can be included in websites, emails, and social media posts.

Instagram Advertisements

You can use Instagram advertisements that Click to Instagram Direct Messages to run campaigns. The opt-in request is sent to your customer once they click on the ad.

Instagram Story Replies

Use Story Replies to run campaigns. The opt-in request is sent to your customer once they comment or react to an Instagram story.

Carousel Product Templates

Use carousel cards to get your customer to opt into multiple topics at once using the carousel card format.

Private Replies

Now you can reply with one message using private replies on a comment or a post within 7 days of the posting date. This message gives the user the opportunity to opt-in to receive exclusive updates.

Instagram Messaging via

Instagram Messaging is a perfect tool for a personalized customer experience while building meaningful relationships with your customers. Strengthen the bond with existing customers and connect with new ones by optimizing engagement through a platform that your customers are already familiar with.

Make sure that you re-engage interested customers to drive conversion! Send them product- or back-in-stock-updates, discounts, and personal offers via personalized messages on Instagram Messaging to create those additional touchpoints in the customer journey.

Interested in using Instagram Messaging to give your business a boost? We have all the tools available to set up your first campaign with our Mobile Marketing Cloud, chatbot solution, or via our Business Messaging API. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Interested in using Instagram Messaging to give your business a boost?

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