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Research report personalization read the story here

Personalization in Retail

Are retailers getting personalization right? surveyed nearly 10.000 consumers from all over the world on their expectations and experiences with personalized interactions.

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Research report speed read the story here

Speed in Customer Service

Who likes to wait? Right, no one. That's why time is of the essence in customer service. In this research report, you'll discover how fast you need to be to live up to customer expectations.


Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix x

The ultimate fan experience: the fan on pole position before, during, and after the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix.


Why Customer Service Is Led By Emotions

Emotions affect how consumers interact with customer service. Discover what this means for your business in the report.

Customer Service Guides

omnichannel chatbot

8 Customer Service KPI's

Improving results starts with measuring. Set the right Customer Service KPIs to skyrocket performance for your customers and your business.

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whatsapp chatbot

Power of Conversational AI

AI-powered chatbots and voicebots save companies an estimated $ 165 million. Learn more about the Power of AI for customer service.

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WhatsApp Business Guide

Why is the WhatsApp Business API the way to grow your business and how can you easily integrate WhatsApp into your customer journey.

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The Guide to Conversational Messaging

Customer engagement today happens on a variety of online channels. Discover why customers demand it and why businesses need conversational messaging.


SMS Messaging for Business Communication

In this guide we share how you can use SMS to improve your business communication and how to select the right SMS partner for your business.

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