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SMS messaging for business communication

SMS messaging

SMS is one of the most effective communication channels due to its 98% open rate. In this guide, discover how you can use SMS for business, use cases and how to select the right provider.

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The guide to conversational messaging

Conversational channels

Engagement happens on many channels. In this guide, explore how the most relevant channel can increase customer satisfaction, remove friction and drive business growth.

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Retail chatbots: automate service

Retail chatbots

Chatbots help customers self-serve and get accurate answers faster. In this guide, discover how chatbots can drive efficiency in service and make your customers’ lives easier.

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Research report personalisation read the story here

Personalisation in retail

Are retailers getting personalisation right? To find out, we asked consumers, surveying 1000 respondents across the United Kingdom. Let's take a look at the results.

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Research report speed read the story here

Speed in customer service

Time is crucial for businesses and consumers, especially in customer service. Our research explores the role of speed, highlighting trends and expectations in the UK and globally.

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Why Customer Service Is Led By Emotions

Emotions in customer service

Customer service involves a variety of emotions. Our research explores why and how customers contact service, how they feel and whether these feelings impact how they see brands.

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