What Is a Live Event Chatbot?

A live event chatbot allows customers to get quick answers to their questions before, during, and after a live event. Moreover, it can enhance the experience of your visitors. Offer support, exclusive content, deals, entertainment, or notifications to not miss out on must-sees at the event.

Event chatbots can have multiple purposes. Use it for customer service, purely informational, or enhance the event experience with added entertainment. Create a consistent experience across marketing, service, and sales conversations.  

Live event chatbots can respond quickly and easily to all sorts of questions visitors ask about live events, giving agents more time to respond to complex questions or issues.  

As well as automatically responding to frequently asked questions, an AI-powered chatbot can understand the context and recall detailed information in order to answer broader questions, creating a more conversational experience for consumers. It can use real-time data to give the best, personal responses – such as directing visitors to the stage where their favorite artist or speaker will perform, or to the toilets without queues.  

Moreover, you can also make your bot transactional - enabling customers to buy tickets and merchandise or to change their data.

chatbot transactional

The event bot can deal with the whole experience, only handing off to customer service agents when a query is escalated to a level the virtual assistant can no longer manage or when the customer requests human support. 

A successful example of a live event chatbot is the Race Engineer of the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix.

Typical Live Event Chatbot Questions 

How can I travel to the event?  

Where can I find my tickets?  

Which stage should I go right now?

What Are the Benefits of a Live Event Chatbot?

A chatbot can surprise your visitors before, during, and after the event; offering exclusive content, deals, entertainment, or notifications to not miss out on must-sees at the event. A bot can also save you and your visitors a lot of time. With personalized conversations, you can support your visitors and gather instant feedback – without having to wait for the event to wrap up. 

An enhanced experience benefits your event in the long-term, creating positive sentiment and encouraging your visitors to buy tickets again. 

Save Time, Effort, and Resources. A chatbot helps visitors, taking work off your hands. It can also gather data and insights.

How to Get Started With a Live Event Chatbot

Start thinking about how a virtual assistant can enhance your event experience. What should the bot be able to do? Next question: where can visitors find it? You can deploy the same bot on any channel: in your event app, on the website, or via WhatsApp for example. Or deploy it on your IVR as a voicebot to take the strain off your call center.

By answering these questions, you create your event bot strategy. Then you can start building.

Whether you’d prefer a simple bot or a smart AI chatbot, you can build it with the software of CM.com. Our team is available to provide the support you need to future-proof your customer engagements at live events.

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