Automate Your Customer Journeys With Chatbots.

Satisfied customers and employees through scalable and automated service. Enterprise ready, easy to implement and code-free.

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Our Chatbots Help Your Business in Many Ways

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Make your customers happy by letting the chatbot answer their enquiries quickly, without the need for human intervention.

Boost Employee Moral

Take the strain off your contact center. Let the chatbot handle the simple recurring questions so your agents can focus on the important conversations. Happy agents result in happy customers!

Reduce Live Contact and Service Costs

Our chatbots are lightning fast. They can handle millions of conversations concurrently, drastically reducing your call volumes and service costs.

Promote Self-Service 24/7

Offer your customers a world-class digital experience with 24/7 support and allow them to get their job done instantly, through whichever channel is most convenient.

Increase Your Revenue

A conversational chatbot can uplift your conversion rate and increase your revenue. Cross-selling and up-selling to handling transactions including payments: you name it, the bot can do it!

Improve Customer Interaction

Exceed customer expectations and make your employees happier through scalable and automated service powered by code-free chatbots. Coupled with our broad conversational offering, you can automate your customer journeys providing your customers a fully automated conversational commerce experience  

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Hand Over to Human Agents at the Right Moment

If a conversation becomes too complex for the chatbot to handle, or the customer wants to speak to a human, you can handover the conversation to a human agent and have them pick up from where the bot left. And yes, you will see the entire chatbot conversation history right there on your screen.

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Easy Implementation

With our ready to use chatbot interface, your bot can be up and running in less than a day.

Create your content, place our chatbot interface script on your page(s) and you’re ready to go!

That means a 10 times faster time to market than if you were to rely on coding or pure machine learning. 

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Connect Your Chatbot to Our Conversational Commerce Offer



Online Payments Platform to accept payments on any channel and device



Ticketing Platform to sell tickets for your events

one time password


One Time Passwords to identify your customers



Sign to digitally complete contracts, agreements and documents

mobile service cloud

Mob. Service Cloud

Access to all messaging channels and service your customers from one dashboard

mobile marketing cloud

Mob. Marketing Cloud

Create superior customer experiences that increase conversion rates and sales

DigitalCX, an Enterprise Ready, AI Driven Chatbot Platform

Step-up your customer experience game with our AI-powered, code-free conversation platform. Recognized as one of the top conversation platforms in the world, DigitalCX helps you increase customer satisfaction, decrease call volume, improve conversion rates and gain a wealth of customer insights. Guaranteed.

  1. AI-powered, code-free

  2. Easy Implementation

  3. Hand Over to Human Agents at the Right Moment

More About DigitalCX
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Get Started With Our Chatbots

Let’s arrange a quick call on how Conversational AI and scripted bots could help you overcome your specific business challenges. We have 15 years experience in helping 70+ brands reduce service costs, increase customer satisfaction and increase revenue with higher compliance levels.

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