What Is Verified SMS?

Verified SMS becomes RCS Business Messaging. From October 2022, Google will focus solely on RCS Business Messaging.

Worldwide, over 23 billion SMS messages are sent each day, so it is difficult for businesses to differentiate themselves in this space. This is where Google Verified SMS comes in; customers are much more likely to pay attention to a message from a trusted source, and that is not “junk SMS”.

Where is Verified SMS Available?

Verified SMS has so far been launched in 10 countries: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, India, and the Philippines. Google intends to roll out the feature to other markets in the near future.

verified sms

Google has partnered with a range of SMS providers to roll out Verified SMS. While most of these providers operate internationally, Verified SMS will not work in jurisdictions outside those sanctioned by Google. The system is watertight, and that is the point of the technology.

How Does Verified SMS Work?

When an eligible user receives an SMS message from a business registered with Verified SMS, Google translates the message into an unreadable, irreversible authenticity code, all on the user’s device. Google then compares this code with unreadable, irreversible authenticity codes sent to Google by the business (or their SMS aggregator). If these codes match, Google confirms that the message is verified and applies branding and a verification badge to the message thread, as well as previewing any embedded URLs.

Google does not have access to the message content; its security protocol uses unreadable, irreversible authenticity codes which are automatically deleted when matched or after seven days – whichever comes first.

What Are the Advantages of Using Verified SMS?

Verified SMS helps businesses enhance their conversations with users, build trust, and prevent scams. Messaging services do not have spam filters as has long been common in email, and Google research has found that businesses greatly prefer receiving Verified SMS, largely for this reason.

1. Security

With Verified SMS companies add a security layer that enables them to be sure that their clients won`t experience issues with SMS fraud.

2. Trust

Verified SMS enables companies to build trust with their end-users, protect them from spoofing (fraudulent SMS Messages) and have a branded SMS inbox as proof of identity.

3. Branded Inbox

Companies can add a description of 100 character, logo and brand name (regardless if they use a long code or short code) to your profile.

regular-sms-verified--sms-comparisonWhat Is RCS Business Messaging?

From October 2022, Google will focus solely on RCS Business Messaging. RCS or Rich Communication Services is the protocol that supports Android’s Chat service. In many ways, RCS Business Messaging is a step up from Verified SMS as it offers a richer, more interactive experience. It is not restricted to users of Google’s Messages app but can also be deployed on RCS-enabled users of Samsung's Messages.

How Is It Different From Google’s Business Messages?

These solutions have different use cases and are complementary to each other. Google’s Business Messages ​is a mobile conversational channel with entry points on Google Maps, Search, and brand websites. These conversations are initiated by consumers and exist across Android devices, and through Maps on iOS. Conversely, Verified SMS messages are generally initiated by brands and exist within Google’s Messages app.

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