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Customer Experience

How to Easily Digitize Insurance With Smart Solutions

Consumers aren't used to handling insurance matters online and mobile, but yet they prefer it. This means that insurers need to be accessible everywhere and at all times, but they are not responding to this sufficiently. KPMG's research among 70 executives of international insurers shows that they know this all too well. They expect to lose a large portion of their sales to InsurTech or FinTech companies. However, this is easy to avoid without shaking up the entire IT landscape. With's intelligent solutions, insurers can easily and quickly take steps towards digitalization.

Personal and Automated Communication

There is still a lot to optimize in the customer journey of insurers. We notice this in discussions with various parties in the market. Insurers receive many consumer questions and strive for frictionless communication. They want to be active on their customers' preferred channels and thus guarantee an optimal customer experience.

Improving communication with consumers in an efficient way requires automation. Our advice: automate what you can and want to automate, but keep the personal touch vital for your customers. With smart communication solutions, switching between automation and personal communication is easier than is often thought.

Optimize Communication Across Every Channel

The customer journey with insurers often starts online. Here, a consumer searches for the insurer or adviser that suits them. Then, they will contact you. For example, by registering on the website, telephone, WhatsApp, SMS, or chat. On one hand, the channel that the consumer contacts through depends on the consumer's preference. On the other hand, it depends on which channels the insurer offers. Research which channels are preferred by consumers and make sure you are there.

Chatbot for Optimal Customer Contact

Do many consumers use chat to make contact? A chatbot is a smart way to optimize your customer contact. Consumers get answers to their questions faster and easier. Many large insurers have already built a chatbot together with In this way, these insurers seize technological opportunities to transform traditional business processes.

A good example is a user-friendly chatbot from a.s.r.. By implementing this chatbot, 85% of the website users found an answer to their questions. In addition, the NPS of a.s.r. increased by 40 points.

Digital Insurance Contract 

The next step in improving the customer journey is adding digital conversion moments. For example, is your (potential) customer looking for contact via WhatsApp? Then, of course, you want to bring up insurance during the conversation. It's handy if you can share a digital quote or payment link in the same channel. This way, you make it easy for the customer and bind them directly to you.

A simple and smart solution for this is digital signing. This allows you to sign quotations, contracts, and documents immediately legally. This gives both parties a faster certainty and a better experience. In addition, you save a lot of costs on, for example, labor hours and materials. One of our customers, Maandag®, benefits from the experience with digital signing. They no longer send contracts and documents by post but digitally. According to research, professionals and customers enjoy signing and sending contracts digitally. Everything goes a lot faster now.

Customer Data Central

Digital conversations also provide significant cost and time savings in portfolio management. An important advantage of digital communication is that you can centrally store and combine the conversation history and customer data. You have the option to put all customer service and marketing data in the same customer data platform. For example, you can save which preferred channels a customer has, or you already have the correct data ready when a customer starts a chat or conversation. The customer doesn't have to provide all the data again with every contact with the insurer. You can improve the customer journey and switch seamlessly between automated and personal communication with the data. In other words: the pursuit of frictionless communication is becoming a reality.

Smart Integration With Existing Tools

Can you combine existing data from existing systems? Yes, we can integrate our communication software into existing systems.'s solutions are suitable for all organizations, regardless of size or volume. This way, you automate part of the process, and your employees no longer have to retrieve information in different tools. This saves valuable time that they can better spend on customer contact. Long and expensive implementations are also a thing of the past. In addition, cloud solutions are easy to use.

An Optimal Customer Experience for Your Customers

Allow customers to arrange their insurance in a secure digital environment, but keep the personal touch. Embrace the available technologies and improve the customer journey every step of the way. Digitization becomes the solution for an optimal customer experience.

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