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Insurer Onlia Improves CX With Conversational AI

The ambition to offer a distinctive range of online car and home insurance products in the Canadian market led to the launch of Onlia a few years ago. Onlia, backed by Achmea and Canadian financial services provider Fairfax, innovates in several ways, including telematics-based app Onlia SenseTM.

To optimize communication with customers, Onlia uses Conversational AI Cloud.  

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Onlia App Rewards Safe Driving

One of the things that make Onlia's services unique is Onlia Sense, an app that coaches drivers and encourages safe behavior. It is available to Onlia customers, as well as non-customers.

"The app is available to all Canadians who are interested in safe driving and want to optimize their driving habits", says Chris de Vries, Customer Solutions Development Lead at Onlia. "Of course, there are benefits for Onlia customers. By optimizing their driving behavior using the Onlia Sense app, they can earn rewards like cashback. If the app is linked to their insurance policy, proven safe(r) driving behavior leads to savings. The app is literally a part of the customer journey and a product differentiator from competitors". 

Optimize Customer Contact With Chatbot

With the deployment of the app, contact moments with users (whether or not Onlia's customers) have increased. This triggered Onlia to think about a way to optimize online customer engagement. Deploying a chatbot provided the solution.

"We wanted to be able to service customers in an always-on capacity, but also maintain a human touch. Ideally, consumers don't realize that they are communicating with a chatbot", says Anouk van de Laar, Customer Experience Manager Digital at Onlia.

"We started looking around and eventually we found's software, which we wanted to use both on the website and in the app. Initially, we started by answering standard questions. But over time, we have become more sophisticated, and our team is very proactive using the possibilities that the chatbot solution offers us."  

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Automate and Personalize

Conversational AI Cloud is the all-in-one solution to automate and personalize digital (customer) conversations. All virtual assistants and intelligent chat- or voicebots are supported with Conversational AI and are easy to implement.

Chris de Vries states that for Onlia it was a joy to be able to use the 'out of the box' product for the deployment of their conversational strategy on the Onlia website. 

"We were able to get started fast, we learned a lot in a short period of time, and quickly continued building on the front end."  

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Easy Implementation

App developer Valay Patel and his team were a little hesitant at first, as they had to build the chatbot from scratch. However, the implementation turned out to be so simple that it almost came naturally. Patel: "I had to explain to my team that building the chatbot for the Onlia Sense app from scratch seemed like a big job, but that the API was very easy to connect. Once we got to work, this clear structure proved itself and we were able to build step by step."

Within six weeks the chatbot in the app was completely up and running, including tests and bug fixes.

Valay Patel, App Developer Onlia:

"We didn't have to call the help desk once, although they were always on standby. For Android and iOS we wrote separate code, nothing overlapped. The process was smooth, much better than we were used to with some other parties."

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From Proactive to Transactional

The chatbot is used in different ways. The web version focuses more on the insurance side and will eventually become more conversion-oriented.

"We have made the chatbot increasingly proactive over the past months and want to take the next steps with that," says Anouk van de Laar.

"Think about actively responding to the customer's web visit, with additional content that is relevant for the page they are currently on. If the customer is signed in to their online account, the chatbot can link to their data, so we can provide them with the information they need and in some cases, upsell them on products." 

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