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Employment contracts signed quick and efficiently.

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Maandag® the paperless secondment agency

Maandag® is a secondment agency mainly operating in the public sector. For over 30 years, Maandag® has placed people in healthcare, education and government roles. “Together with 3,500 professionals, we're focussing on the public sector as it's an important sector that cannot stand still. We have offices throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland, ” says Kirsten Soester, product owner at Maandag®. Kirsten has been employed by Maandag® for over 12 years and is responsible for optimizing contract formation in the system and therefore also for the digital signing and sending of contracts and documents.

Sign contracts quick & efficiently

With over 3,500 employees, Maandag® has to send and receive a lot of contracts for signatures. This involved a lot of paperwork, even in this digital era. “The need for a digital signing tool arose due to a combination of factors. We noticed that professionals and customers enjoyed signing and sending contracts digitally. At the same time, we wanted to do something about the paper stack on our desks. ” Kirsten adds. The Covid-19 pandemic gave that extra push to start optimization and to process the signing of contracts almost entirely paperless.

In September 2020, Maandag® went live with Sign. Thanks to Sign, Maandag® mails contracts as a PDF document for signature. The recipient can sign and return the contract on almost any device. “With Sign from everything goes a lot faster. And we immediately contribute to the reduction of paper use. As soon as a contract is signed and sent, there is neatly an audit report that shows all steps including an identification mark. That immediately makes it legally valid,” Kirsten says.

Document signature optimization

Before Maandag® started to use Sign, Kirsten had proposals from three other digital signing providers on her desk. “We ultimately chose Sign from, purely because Sign's functionalities simply look very good." Maandag® wanted to optimize the process and link it to the front office system. “From that point on, we want to generate contracts immediately and have them signed as soon as possible.” The product owner points out that Maandag®'s staff quickly understood how Sign worked. “The staff is immediately informed. We presented Sign to stakeholders and key users. We also conducted an acceptance test with the end user. That is the person who sends the contract for signature. This all went well. ”


Fast implementation and user-friendly API

Kirsten is very pleased that the implementation of Sign and the link with the API went quick and easily. “The API is very user-friendly and the description we received during the implementation was clear. We work with developers in Poland and's Sign team provided all the documentation in English. What we also found important is that we can brand all our documentation, such as employment contracts with our own layout and placement of logos, ” Kirsten explains.

Fast communication

The product owner was impressed by the speed with which the product was implemented, the link with the API and the contact with the customer success managers. “ had reserved a period of time so that we could ask questions, but the documentation we received during the implementation phase was so clear that we had no more questions afterwards. The stand-alone portal was also very user-friendly. It is nice that we could and can reach easily and that everything was finalized quickly. I am very satisfied with the communication, ” Kirsten adds.

Sign, easier than expected

“Sign is a very suitable tool for every company that regularly signs contracts or has to have them signed. We mainly use it for employment contracts and agreements with customers, but it is a good solution for anyone who wants to have something signed. The feedback we receive, both from customers and from professionals, is positive. The documents are easy to open, to sign and to send, ” Kirsten says.

Due to Covid-19, Maandag® has switched more quickly to digital signing. "We've sent a lot of contracts and documents by post, now we're doing it all digitally."

“Deploying Sign and the API was surprisingly easier than expected. In the end, it turned out that most of the work was on our side. My tip for future Sign users is therefore: If you are going to link with an API, make sure you have your own processes in order first. This way you can save a lot of time with good preliminary work,” Kirsten explained.

Discover the power of Sign

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