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Feb 01, 2024
4 minutes read

Grow your business with Marketing Messages during Ramadan and Eid season

Retailers prepare for Ramadan Season like no other, for it carries particular importance in the Middle East region. Beyond its religious significance, it serves as a prime shopping season of triggered volume sales offering a favorable moment for retailers to reach customers and establish their presence. Retailers engage in fierce competition to gain visibility, and thrive to exceed customer expectations to distinguish themselves and drive conversions. The substantial increase in online engagement throughout this season provides brands with an opportunity to establish connections with their customers.

Majd Al Jayyousi
Majd Al Jayyousi,
Digital Marketing Manager

During Ramadan, consumers are diversifying their product preferences compared to the rest of the year. Retail and eCommerce continue to be the top choices, with travel purchases experiencing the most significant growth. During Ramadan and Eid season, there's a clear rise in mobile and digital use, with 76% in the UAE favoring mobile devices over old traditional media, followed by a substantial increase of 68% usage of messaging apps to such as WhatsApp.

This presents a valuable moment for businesses to connect and resonate with audiences at various stages of the consumer journey and build a shopping experience driven by conversational flow. Research has shown that 94% of today’s customers will buy more from a company after a well-designed customer experience. Certainly! Conversational commerce that provide personalized and triggered business messaging through platforms play a crucial role in establishing immediate connections that result in lasting relationships with your customers.

In this blog we will explore how Retailers can leverage Ramadan season to help boost sales by utilizing Marketing Messages.

Conversational Marketing solves the challenge

Consumers consistently prefer modern messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook for direct, personalized communication with businesses. Smart businesses are achieving elevated conversion rates by guiding potential customers away from traditional promotional channels and towards Conversational channels like WhatsApp to capitalize on this shift. Enabling businesses to build relationships with their customers to build awareness, and drive sales.

Facts are compelling: WhatsApp is globally popular and powerful, with two billion monthly users, a remarkable 98% open rate, and a 45-60% click-through rate. There are countless ways to utilize WhatsApp for Marketing during Ramadan. By implementing an optimized promotional strategy, retailers can drive consumer demand getting the most out of existing customer base​. After deeply understanding customers' needs, behavior, emotions, and satisfaction levels, businesses foster continuous dialogue through various interactions. With interactive CTAs, rich media options and dynamic product lists, you can guide customers through the entire customer journey on a single platform. As customers engage in conversations with a brand, valuable insights are gained, enabling the customization of the customer experience.

WhatsApp Marketing Use Cases

1. Notifications & Special offers

During the holy month, there is a notable increase in shoppers actively seeking modest seasonal collection. Utilizing conversational channels direct messaging, businesses can now deliver personalized messages to keep their customers informed at key moments of the year. instant messaging makes shoppers feel more connected to a brand and inconstant state of exploration and consideration.


2. Triggered Reminders

Abandoned carts

Customers often have second thoughts just before they complete a purchase. Sending alerts and reminders for abandoned cart can improve the average 40% abandonment rates in eCommerce (due to the lack of continuity on websites that pull customers away from their routines).

With real one to one communication Mobile Marketing Cloud Hyper personalized outbound communication brands can use personalization tactics designing dynamic workflows and smart segments in real-time. Conversational messaging can improve abandonment rates by 40% of in eCommerce.


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Unlock stronger connections with your customers with one modular engagement platform that enables companies to easily orchestrate end to end journeys that customers love.


3. Promotional Messages

Being able to send promotional messages directly to your customers makes it simple to engage potential buyers during specific periods. That might be a particular time of year or when a new product launches. You can also share information about a loyalty program to motivate individuals to register and make a purchase.

Improve your Digital eCommerce Strategy

Effective conversational marketing during Ramadan yields to numerous benefits, including extended two-way interactions, cost-effective campaigns, stronger customer relationships, and higher overall conversion rates. At, we streamline the use of WhatsApp as a Marketing channel, allowing brands to transform simple messages into rich communication to boost Ramadan season.

Transform touch points into conversational journeys during Ramadan and Eid season

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Majd Al Jayyousi
Majd Al Jayyousi,
Digital Marketing Manager

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