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Jun 25, 2024
5 minutes read

How to get the WhatsApp Business Green Tick Badge

The WhatsApp Business green tick is the official badge for Meta verified business accounts. It helps users to distinguish between authentic businesses and fake accounts. Many users place high value on the green tick, and brands sporting this badge will see a positive impact on their business. But how can you business apply for the green tick badge? Read all about it below.

Nowadays, social media platforms have become essential channels for businesses to market and provide services, because of the close connections they bring to customers. Business presence on social platforms also means that brands have to pay more attention to their corporate image and reputation - they have to foster a brand community.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular channels for businesses. With its high coverage and easy-to-operate business functions, more and more brands choose to use WhatsApp to market to their target groups, provide customer service and send verification codes. But with messaging fraud on the rise, businesses will need to earn credibility amongst their customers to be successful in the (marketing) messaging efforts. How? Well, the WhatsApp Green Tick is a great way to prove your business' credibility.

1. What is the WhatsApp Business Green Tick?

WhatsApp Business grants verified business accounts a certification mark, which appears in the form of a green checkmark badge (green tick) after the business name. This badge not only symbolizes that the business has passed the official certification, but also helps users to easily identify the official account of said business. Having this official verification badge will establish a formal and credible image - a must-have for medium and large sized businesses focusing on long-term development of their brand.

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2. WhatsApp Business Green Tick Advantages

Now that we know what the WhatsApp green tick is, you might wonder what the benefits of it are for your business. Well, there are many:

  • Image: Verified businesses display the badge after the business name, instead of just a phone number. This helps create a formal, credible and trustworthy image to your customers.

  • Trust: The WhatsApp verified business profile badge is officially granted by WhatsApp Business, which indicates that the brand is legit, validated and authentic, and that customers can interact and communicate with it with confidence.

  • Visibility: The green tick is more visible in WhatsApp Search, increasing the visibility of your brand profile.

  • Security: Besides your official brand account being recognizable with the green tick, verified business accounts will also get proactive impersonation monitoring, which helps prevent fraudsters from pretending to be your business on WhatsApp.

  • Support: Verified businesses will receive prioritized support from Meta.

3. How to Get the WhatsApp Green Tick?

To be eligible for the WhatsApp green tick badge, your business needs to fulfill the following criteria (as a WhatsApp Business API customer of

A notable business is a business that has a high quality website, is visible and is frequently searched according to Meta. To increase your chances of becoming verified, adding 3-5 media coverage links from news articles or magazines will help your case. It should be noted that paid promotional content is not considered valid for assessment.

When you're a customer, requesting the green tick will be free of charge.

4. What to Do if Your Application Is Rejected?

First of all, it should be clear that the decision of whether or not your business passes the verification is made by the WhatsApp official evaluation. WhatsApp Business Platform service providers like have no influence on this decision, nor do they provide additional value that is conductive to passing the evaluation process. It's the responsibility of the business to double-check the content they want to submit before requesting the verification.

Secondly, don't fret when you don't get verified on the first try. It will not affect your ability to use the original WhatsApp Business channel for messaging, and you can apply again after 30 days.

Finally, understand the reasons for rejection. Correct the relevant issues (such as inaccurate company information provided) and apply again.

In addition, for some industries WhatsApp does not support the green tick badge. These business are operating in markets such as gambling, drugs, weapons, tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, etc. Please check WhatsApp's Business Policy to see the full requirements.

WhatsApp Business via is a certified WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP), with over 20 years of experience in the field of international cloud communication. BSP's are exclusively selected by WhatsApp to offer direct API access to the WhatsApp Business Platform, which makes integration easier for your business. is recognized as a WhatsApp Business API Premier level (the highest level) BSP by WhatsApp, which means that we can support businesses to access the WhatsApp Business Platform in a compliant way and help maximize the benefits of this popular platform.

For more information about WhatsApp Business Platform, please feel free to contact us!

Learn More About WhatsApp Business or Contact Our Experts.

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