Easily Deliver Text-2-Speech & Voice Messages.

From one-time-passwords, to text or audio files, upload, select your contacts and send your audio message to your recipients

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Evolve Your Mobile Marketing to the Next Level

With Voice Campaigns you can call out pre-recorded messages to your customers, completely automated, at any time. This is a perfect way to give your marketing campaigns a more personal touch, without the hassle of manually calling individual contacts. 

Engage a Mass Audience With Voice Broadcasted Messages

Pre-recording voice campaigns are a powerful way to send a voice broadcast message to your customers, in mass.

Our web app makes it easy to create and launch a voice campaign. Simply create an account, upload your audio file, and distribute the message to your target audience.

  1. Combine voice & mobile messaging using a single interface

  2. Expand your reach en mass for more efficient delivery

  3. Personalize geo via text-2-speech that supports various languages

  4. Quickly share alerts using multichannel to send your recording

Turn Any Simple Text Into a Personalized Voice Call

Marketing Campaigns

Use Voice in your marketing campaigns to send personal messages


Reduce no-shows and send out appointment reminders to clients


Automate your delivery notifications and send them via voice messages

One Time Passwords

Send automated voice calls and safeguard the privacy of users


Notify customers about changes to products or services ordered

mobile landing pages sms

Go Further Than Just Voice Campaigns

Close the loop by combining your voice campaign with a follow-up SMS and mobile landing page and watch your user experience, as well as conversion rate, grow.

  1. Optimize your global reach and conversion rates

  2. Schedule omnichannel campaigns and automate messages

  3. Combine Voice with Messaging on the same platform

customer data platform profiles

Use Data to Target Your Audience

Once you receive your data back from your campaigns, it gets mapped to the Customer Data Platform. Filter and segment your audience on behavior or set up custom filters for re-engagement.

  1. Build 360° profiles based on behavior and preference

  2. Create smart segments in real-time for 1:1 personalization

  3. Automate your customer journeys with workflows

Start Sending Personalized Voice Campaigns

  1. Upload an audio file

  2. Send out Voice Campaigns

  3. Track, trace and optimize

Create Superior Experiences With Mobile Marketing Cloud

mobile marketing cloud

Unlock Your Customer Data

Customer Data is often fragmented and siloed in different systems. As a result, you cannot utilize your data to its full potential. Our CDP solves this problem and unlocks your data.


Build Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

Reach your customers on their preferred mobile messaging channel. Email, SMS, Push, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, and Voice are all built-in and can be used immediately.

Automate Your Customer Journeys

Automate Your Customer Journeys

Easily create workflows for every customer journey you can think of and let us do the heavy lifting for you. Scale up your marketing processes with the power of automation.

Start Voice Broadcasting via Mobile Marketing Cloud

Connect with your audience and go further than just Voice Campaigns with the Mobile Marketing Cloud. Drive more business combining Voice with SMS, Email and more mobile channels.

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