Reliable Mobile Messaging via
SMS Gateway API.

Our SMS API will help you send millions of messages worldwide within 10 seconds at the highest quality.

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Send and Receive SMS Messages Worldwide

API Code for Messages That Matter

Use our SMS API code and your API key to start sending and receiving SMS messages in minutes. Our SMS Gateway is fully supported with full developer codes and detailed documentation.

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Phone Numbers to Grow Reachability

Short codes and long numbers will allow your business to send messages and receive replies from your customers at minimum cost to start meaningful two-way conversations.

Two-Way Messaging

Country Regulations Handled for You

SMS comes with a wide range of national habits, restrictions and options. Our international team can explain what and what not to do if you want to target consumers in their region. 

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SMS API Built for Developers

Whilst there are many different communication channels available to engage your customers, SMS still achieves the highest reach with an open rate of 98%. Our API makes global bulk text messaging easy and can be used in many different ways.

Connect your website or application to our SMS API for reliable global messaging - benefit from 60+ direct carrier connections to deliver your SMS.

  1. SMS prices for almost 200 countries

  2. API's and SDK's in multiple languages

  3. Detailed insights with Analytics

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sms gateway api

One Clear Dashboard for All Configuration and Analytics

messaging gateway

Messaging Gateway

Integrate our Messaging Gateway via HTTP or SMPP to deliver SMS worldwide

messaging analytics

Messaging Analytics

Get real-time delivery rate, speed and conversion rate data about your campaigns

messaging log

Messaging Log

Get detailed information on status and cost of all send and received messages.

mail sms

Mail SMS

Use your own email clients to send Bulk SMS messages worldwide

Get Started With Our Business Messaging API

We have combined all of our messaging APIs (SMS, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and more) into one Business Messaging API. There are several example codes available for all channels for the following programming languages: PHP, C#, Node.js and Java.

SMS API Plugins

Software plugins and extensions are fast and easy options to extend the functionality of your platform. They enable you to implement our services into your own software through plug-and-play extensions.

You can find the SMS Gateway API for developers as a plugin.

Explore all options on our integrations page.

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Worldwide SMS Pricing

Volume Discount from 50,000 Messages

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Pricing based on individual messages for a specific destination

One SMS API to Rule Them All

Learn how our SMS Gateway enables companies of all sizes to attract, engage and retain their target group using mobile messaging and mobile technology.

What Others Say About Our SMS Gateaway API

For Randstad, we need and use's services to quickly and reliably send messages: for us time is money. Previously, it merely went through the phone calls. SMS via has eliminated this labor-intensive process.

Luc de Bolle, Director of Client Services - Randstad Belgium

The SMS API from makes our tool even more powerful. Direct communication is very important to us. Now, our customers can quickly and easily pass on important updates during an event. This way, Beeple customers can save a lot of time and effort on, for example, telephone calls.

Karel Rabaut, founder of Beeple

We have been working together with for years now and we have never had any issues with regards to SMS or Voice. When did I ever have to call you to say something is wrong? Never! simply offers the best quality we can find and being the best quality platform is very important for us.

Sander Kole, Director IT at

The Next Step in Platform High Availability

Benefit From Our High Availability Proxy

Direct Operator Connections Worldwide

Our SMS Gateway API has over 60+ direct carrier/operator connections worldwide and is connected to 250 operator networks worldwide. 

Verified Reliable SMS Routes

Direct operator connections alone are not enough. You also need messaging routes that have been thoroughly tested on quality and speed. 

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Realtime Analytics, Detailed Insights

Our powerful Analytics tool gives you a real-time and detailed overview of your worldwide traffic so you can track, trace and optimise flows.

One Platform for All Mobile Solutions

Next to our reliable SMS gateway, our platform holds numerous other solutions to improve your mobile results. From mobile messaging, chat apps and voice to identification and payments.

Get Started With Our SMS Gateway API

Benefit from our SMS solutions with all the tools and features to enrich your message. Make your customers happy, send them delivery notifications, booking confirmations, appointment reminders, and more, at the moment it matters. Discover all the possibilities.

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