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CompareGuru streamlines and automates their customer communication with Customer Contact.


Assisting Customers in Making Informed Decisions

CompareGuru is an independent online insurance comparison platform that provides free, unbiased side-by-side quotes on short-term and long-term insurance products, ranging from comprehensive vehicle insurance, life insurance and more.

CompareGuru assists consumers in making informed decisions, so they don’t have to make them alone.

To have all their customer communications automated and streamlined, they chose the Mobile Service Cloud from

Streamlining the Customer Journey

CompareGuru is a one-stop shop for all insurance comparison needs, but their expertise doesn’t end there. Their Gurus provide guidance, financial advice, intermediary services, claims assistance, and consultations - available to their clients for the rest of their lives. CompareGuru offers the most transparent advice and service in the industry. Being the customer-centric business that they are, fast, safe and free access to side-by-side quotes on insurance products is extremely important.

"Since we went live with Customer Contact, we have seen that we lowered the barrier for our clients to reach out to us, our response rates and first-time response rate has improved. In line with our general process automation, we had been searching for a communications partner that would be able to assist us in streamlining and enhancing our customer journeys. has been invaluable to the way we now communicate with our existing and prospective clients, decreasing human error and improving our contractibility by 20 and 30% respectively." says Travys Wilkins, Chief Executive Officer at CompareGuru.

"Consumers were reaching out to us in various ways, most of the time from their mobile phone. Some with urgent questions, others with items that required a thorough investigation of one of our gurus."

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Effective Communication in One Inbox

CompareGuru needed all their inbound and outbound communication consolidated into one inbox which provides a detailed overview of all conversations.

By having a single view, and the help of quick replies in the knowledge data base, CompareGuru could enable their Gurus to efficiently scale, empower support agents and deliver excellent customer service across the messaging channels most convenient for their clients.

Scalable All-in-One Solution

The world of business messaging has changed rapidly, from SMS to a wide range of messaging channels all with their own pro’s and con’s. Most clients from CompareGuru make use of WhatsApp and or Facebook Messenger, therefore, in order to create convenience for their clients, their goal was to implement both channels with a consolidated view of all conversations.

"We wanted to use messages to notify customers, provide instant support, and in addition, make use of marketing and sales-related content. For that, we needed professional expertise to assist with setting up the right solution, and one that could scale.’s account manager has been vital in the process from selection, until the full implementation of the solution." says Travis.

Experience the Power of the Mobile Service Cloud

Would you like to learn more about how you can use our Customer Contact tool to create efficiency within your customer support team? Visit our Mobile Service Cloud for more information or reach out to our sales team - we are happy to schedule a session with you and guide you in the right direction.

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