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WhatsApp Business Platform

WhatsApp for Business

Provide world-class mobile customer experiences on WhatsApp and leverage the power of this popular messaging channel.

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Your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Fast Implementation and Migration

Test WhatsApp Business straight away in our sandbox environment and get started, or migrate, in no time.

Easy Integration With API or Software

Integrate WhatsApp Business into your existing tooling, or use one of our easy-to-use software solutions.

Secured Messaging Channel

Our platform is GDPR-compliant and secured with end-to-end encryption to securely host WhatsApp data.

Meta Business Partner

Meta Business Partner

Working with a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, such as CM.com, is the most easy way to get access to the WhatsApp Business Platform.

These BSPs are exclusively selected by WhatsApp to offer direct API access to the WhatsApp Business Platform.

Although WhatsApp Business Platform supports different types of messages, the exact features you get depend on your Provider (BSP). So, it’s good to check if they support the type of message you need to send your customers.

CM.com is a Meta Business Partner and Badged WhatsApp partner

Example of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business Via API

The Business Messaging API is our CPaaS solution for easy integration and seamless communication. One Messaging API for multiple channels, WhatsApp Business Platform included.

The RESTful API can be integrated into your existing systems and workflows.

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    One API for multiple channels

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    Easy integration in existing software

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    Flexible and scalable

Business Messaging APIAPI Documentation

Start Testing WhatsApp Business Platform

Register on our platform to get started with WhatsApp Business Platform. Request access via the WhatsApp icon and set up the WhatsApp sandbox to start testing right away.

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