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Jun 24, 2022
3 minutes read Named an Official Partner of Google’s Business Messages, a global leader in cloud software for conversational commerce, has been named as an official partner of Google’s Business Messages, integrating Google’s Business Messages into its offering, building on the companies expertise across a wide variety of conversational channels, and consolidating its position as a world leader in omnichannel communications.

By listening to its customers, knew the needs and advantages of Google’s Business Messages and its integration within the Google ecosystem. The platform has experienced enormous growth over the past two years with benefits including:

Drive business value

With efficient customer service, you can increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales.

Be where your customers need you

Customers can contact you directly from Google Search, Maps, or via your brand-owned channels.

Differentiate your brand

Deliver exemplary customer service and set the standard for your industry to entice more customers to use your product or service.

The customer at its heart

With Google’s Business Messages, customers initiate the conversation when they want to. It’s not just about the conversion, it’s about the journey. When customers have a question about a product or service, they can get a timely response when they need it, on the device they’re using at that time. That extends all the way to purchase and beyond, continuing the conversation and building personal relationships with customers who’ll come back time and time again.

Learn and build together

As part of Google’s program for Business Messages are able to learn and build with the technology, influence the roadmap, and offer customers an upgraded messaging experience through Google Search, Google Maps, and brand-owned channels.

Google’s Business Messages aligns with’s own ambitions to help brands delight their customers with a premium conversational messaging experience, enhancing customer care and providing rich multimedia experiences via carousels and photos that let businesses expand the conversation to drive loyalty, purchasing, scheduling, and upsell.

“Fully integrating Google’s Business Messages into our platforms has been a goal of ours for some time. We’re thrilled to be able to provide Google’s Business Messages to our loyal customers as they begin to fully explore the enormous potential the platform offers them. As always, we’ll be focused on helping them to drive every ounce of potential from this exciting channel.” explained James Matthews, Country Manager, UK & Ireland,

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