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Boost Your Sales With WhatsApp Business Product Messages

Looking for a new way to boost your sales? Want to showcase your products and services on one of the most popular messaging channels today? You might already use WhatsApp Business to engage with your customers, but did you know that you can also use WhatsApp to boost your sales? Let's take a look at how to optimize your WhatsApp Business usage with Product Messages.

With more than 2 billion active daily users on WhatsApp, you'll be sure to give your products and services a boost by showing them on this popular global messaging channel. And WhatsApp Business offers two great new interactive features for it: Multi-Product & Single Product Messages.

The Product Messages make it possible to highlight your products or services directly in WhatsApp. It's a simple yet personal way to showcase your products and services for customers to shop without leaving the chat.

What Are Multi-Product & Single Product Messages?

Multi-Product & Single Product Messages are interactive message features for WhatsApp Business. It will allow you to showcase and share your products and services directly in the app. This will make it easier for your customers to view your products and make orders. You'll be able to sell, right then and there.

Multi-Product Messages

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Multi-Product Messages allow you to, as the name suggests, showcase multiple products and/or services. You can highlight a selection of up to 30 items from your business' inventory. The Multi-Product Messages will also allow you to replace PDF catalogs and numbered lists in WhatsApp Business.

Single Product Messages

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Single Product Messages are messages that showcase a single product item from the business’ inventory. Great for a personal customer experience when you already know what your customer wishes to buy.

What Is the WhatsApp Product Catalog?

In your Facebook Commerce Manager you'll be able to create a product catalog and upload your inventory to Facebook. Add your products and/or services, including meta descriptions and information such as:

  • Product or service name

  • Photo/image of your product or service

  • Price of the product or service

  • Description of the product or service

  • Product or service code (for easy bookkeeping)

You will be able to highlight and showcase up to 30 products and/or services from your inventory to your customers via the Multi- and Single Product Messages.

The Benefits of Multi-Product and Single Product Messages

Multi-Product & Single Product Messages will allow you to showcase and share your products and services directly in the app. But what exactly are the benefits of this feature?

Boost Your Sales

We've mentioned it earlier; using the Product Messages feature on WhatsApp helps to boost your sales!

Personalize the Customer Experience

The products and services you show your customer can (and should) be personalized to that specific customer or situation. You could, for example, show a Multi-Product Message of the customer's most frequently ordered items. Or show a Single Product Message with an item that the customer asked about earlier in the conversation.

Bypass the Templates

Interactive messages such as Product Messages do not require Message Templates or pre-approvals. They are generated in real-time and will therefore always show the latest item details, pricing, and stock levels from your inventory.

Tips for Creating an Inventory on WhatsApp Business

So you've made up your mind. You're convinced by all the benefits, and you're ready to use the Multi- and/or Single Product Messages via WhatsApp Business to give your sales a boost. But how do you get the best results? Creating an inventory is the first step, but we want to score a home run!

Keep these tips in mind when you create your WhatsApp Business Inventory:

First Impressions Count

Choose the images or photos you use for your products and services wisely. They are the first thing a customer will see when they open your business profile on WhatsApp, and they serve as the first impression of your business. Make sure your images are good quality, clear, and inviting.

Be Brief

A good picture will only go so far. Don't overwhelm your customers with a wall of text next to your products or services: Keep it short and sweet. Highlight what is truly important and use the other options WhatsApp Business offers to give more details such as prices and product codes.

Be Relevant

Make sure that you showcase the products from your inventory that are relevant to the customer you are speaking to.

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Streamlining customer interactions and improving communication is a great way to save time and improve your business. And on top of this, you can now also give your sales a boost! Definitely something worth looking into, don’t you agree?

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