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of today's consumers will buy more from a company after a very good customer experience.


of today's shoppers use multiple channels in their buying journey. Omnichannel eCommerce is here to stay.


of consumers will stop buying from brands that use poor personalization tactics.

10% to 30%

of attribution data can be missed in analytics because of browsers with tracking prevention, ad blockers and cookie laws.

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Make Every Conversation Count

How do you stand out in the ever-changing world of shopping?

Watch the video to get an impression of what you can do with's solutions for retail and eCommerce.

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Elevate Your Retail & eCommerce Business With

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

New innovative players and disruptive business models are emerging and reshaping the market, pressuring traditional retailers to respond.

Recognizing and acknowledging new trends and adapting strategies to them is crucial. 

Pureplay eCommerce

Pureplay eCommerce

The number of eCommerce shops is rising. Making the environment extremely competitive and challenging for retailers to differentiate.

Differentiating can be done by stepping away from the transactional business model and embracing the relational.

Marketplaces and Platforms

Marketplaces and Platforms

Global tech giants are growing extremely and are reshaping the retail & eCommerce industry. At the same time, taking the online buying process to the proverbial ‘next level'.

retail ecommerce journey infographic

Infographic: Personalization in eCommerce

Discover how best-in-class eCommerce personalization works – fitted to the customer journey as you know it. 

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We Understand Your Challenges Research Reports

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Who likes to wait? Right, no one. That's why time is of the essence in customer service. In this research report, you'll discover how fast you need to be to live up to customer expectations.

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Why Customer Service Is Led By Emotions

Why Customer Service Is Led By Emotions

Emotions affect how consumers interact with customer service. Discover what this means for your business in the report.

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