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Retail & eCommerce in 2022


of today's shoppers use multiple channels in their buying journey. The gap between online and offline is narrowing. Omnichannel eCommerce is here to stay.

7.3 Billion

dollar is invested in Conversational AI to improve personalized customer service experiences in eCommerce to boost conversion rates.

23 Million

people used Voice technology in 2020 to order a product or service. Voice technology is being embraced to take the next step in eCommerce sales.

7 Tips For Customer Service Success

7 Tips For Customer Service Success

Start building your conversational commerce strategy and get ahead of the competition.

Download our paper, including a free checklist to optimize your eCommerce Customer Service Strategy.

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Elevate Your Retail & eCommerce Business With CM.com

fashion ecommerce

Fashion eCommerce

Fashion brands compete for shoppers attention. To win that battle you need to meet shopper demands.

Offer a customer experience that matches expectations and supports you in improving your eCommerce performance. 

electronics ecommerce

Electronics eCommerce

Consumer Electronics is a competitive market. Make sure you understand your audience, to improve your marketing efforts.

What is it your audience wants to achieve? Get healthier, enjoy good quality music, or stay up-to-date with the latest trends? Use this!

d2c ecommerce

D2C eCommerce

Doing business directly with consumers means you will talk and sell directly to that audience.

Control over service and sales channels requires a different approach. Be prepared to deliver a customer experience that sticks.

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From Conversation to Conversion

With Conversational Commerce you provide beautiful customer service and commerce experiences on any channel.

Enable your customers to fulfill the complete customer journey within a conversation. Whether they have a question or want to order a product: everything is possible.

Turn every conversation into a conversion.

Let your eCommerce business stand out with the solutions and channels CM.com offers.

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How Centralpoint Boosts Performance

''Be where your customers are and deliver the service experience they expect.''

Watch the video and learn how Centralpoint leverages Mobile Service Cloud to meet their customer demands.

Mobile Service Cloud

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