Customer Data Platform & Segmentation.

Manage your customer data and create 360° unified profiles, know who your customer is and how they interact with you.

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The Beating Heart of Our Marketing Cloud

Change the way you approach marketing with our Customer Data Platform. Data exists across a variety of internal and external sources these days, making it hard to collect and analyse. Simplify this by organising your data from every possible channel and system into unified customer profiles.

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Key Features

Unlimited Number of Data Sources

Integrate every data source you can think of, whether it's external or internal. With our simple API you don't have to limit yourself.

Next Level Segmentation

Create every segment you can think of with ease. Don't limit yourself to simple demographic segments, but create them based on customer behaviour and events.

Integrate All of's Products

All of's product portfolio can be seamlessly integrated with the Mobile Marketing Cloud. Connect your ticketing shop, customer contact page, sign or payments data to the MMC.

Connect All Your Data With the Customer Data Platform

House all your customer data within the Mobile Marketing Cloud. Organise and integrate your internal and external data sources to the Customer Data Platform via APIs or other exchange methods.

  1. Unlimited data sources.

  2. Real-time APIs.

  3. Manually integrate your audiences.

Unlimited data sources

Let the Cdp Create Unified Customer Profiles

The Mobile Marketing Cloud from creates a unified customer profile for each customer and orchestrates all this data in one view. These profiles show where and when individuals interacted with your brand and who your customers are. With unified profiles you get to know your customers better and can reach them with tailor-made journeys.

  1. 360° unified customer profiles.

  2. Know who your customer is.

  3. Activate your data.

360 degree unified customer profiles

Matching Profiles and Deduplication

The Mobile Marketing Cloud makes sure that profiles are deduplicated by using identifiers such as corporate ID, cookies, MobileID, email address, phone, name, address, etc. Connect anonymous profiles to named profiles and unleash your data.

Evolve the Way You Make Segments

Once your customer data is fully integrated in the Mobile Marketing Cloud, marketers can create segments. These segments can be based on any rules and criteria you like. The segments can include channel engagement, user location, birthdays, purchase history, web behaviour or any other events you can think of.

  1. Behaviour targeting.

  2. Segmentation based on events.

  3. Segmentation based on demographics.

Customer data platform segmentation

Smart Analytics and Beautiful Reports

The platform comes with intelligent, customisable reports and dashboards. The Mobile Marketing Cloud enables marketers to analyse their data. Spot trends, patterns and examine the behaviour of their audience to gain new insights across all channels and solutions. Turn data into actionable campaigns.

  1. Customisable dashboards.

  2. Analyse your data.

  3. Activate your data.

Seamlessly Integrate's Product Portfolio in the MMC

Perfectly integrate all products within the product portfolio to the Mobile Marketing Cloud. Make the most out of the MMC and enrich your data. Connect, for example, your ticketing shop, customer contact page, contract signing process or payments data to the MMC. By doing this you get the most out of the MMC and have all your software with one provider.

Integrate products

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