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First-Party Data Collection Tool

Accurate and privacy-friendly marketing data for Google Analytics and Meta.

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Base Your Advertising Decisions on Correct Data

Did you know that marketers miss between 10% and 30% of crucial data in Google Analytics and Meta?

Discover why and how TraceDock can help to recover this marketing data while respecting consumers' privacy in our animation video.

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Recover Your Marketing Data In Google Analytics and Meta

In a privacy-friendly way, via the following plug-and-play solutions.

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Check How Much Data You Are Missing

The current state of analytics means you’re missing out on a lot of data. To figure out how much, consider these three questions.

What's Unique About TraceDock

TraceDock is a first-party data collection point that runs on your subdomain.

Works in parallel to your Google Analytics (or Tag Manager).

Sets a server-side & first-party HTTP cookie to 180+ days expiration date.

TraceDock enriches the platforms you already use and does not store any data.

Recover that data in a privacy-friendly way via a plug-and-play solution.

Respect consumers’ privacy

Respect Your Consumer's Privacy

TraceDock recovers marketing data while respecting consumers' privacy.

We enable online marketers to work in a privacy-friendly way with the data they need to do their job correctly. 

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