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Vattenfall efficiently engages in green conversations with Conversational AI Cloud. A sustainable, Conversational innovation.

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Digital Acceleration

As a leading energy company, Vattenfall is committed to a fossil-free life within one generation. You can't do this on your own. To start the conversation, Vattenfall wants to be accessible to its customers as efficiently as possible.

In 2016, Jorissa Neutelings started as Director Digital Innovation & IT. At that time, digital maturity was low. The number of contact moments was rising, which increased the demand for a scalable solution.

With Jorissa on board, Vattenfall has entered a digital acceleration. The beginning of a sustainable innovation towards a fully Conversational company.

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Integration, Connection & Digitalization

Jorissa saw a couple of challenges. Customers could reach Vattenfall through various channels, but the systems didn't not work together. There was no integration structure in place. In addition, there were multiple data sources, which means the output for the customer could be different per channel.

The biggest challenges at that time:

- No single process was fully digitized  

- No connection between different communication channels   

- No integration of the various software systems  

- No central data source  

Conversational AI As a Solution

For all four challenges, Conversational AI proved to be the solution. With's technology, Vattenfall implements its chatbot Nina in different places on the website and in the app. At the same time, Conversational AI Cloud is used as an internal knowledge base.

The biggest advantage? All conversational solutions use the same data. This means that chatbot Nina gives the same answer, independent of channel, place, or time. The technology learns from your input, but also from the conversations. With the right integrations, you get even more value out of your conversations.


A Conversational strategy goes beyond implementing a chatbot. It means actually engaging with your customers. It really is a transformation.

Vattenfall thanks its conversational success to an integrated approach. The whole company is involved. Not surprisingly, Conversational AI Cloud is now used by the customer service team, Purchasing, and HR.

Jorissa Neutelings, Director Digital Innovation & IT:

"Real transformation has to be done together. At Vattenfall, we succeeded in this. You need to have the guts, vision, and daring. Go straight ahead, sail against the wind, until the wind starts to blow in your sails. Make sure everyone is on the ship as soon as it starts to accelerate."

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Chatbot Nina Helps

Vattenfall is more in touch with customers than ever: in 2020, there were over 2 million interactions with chatbot Nina. She helps customers via the website, in the app, via WhatsApp, and other channels. Nina answers questions, but she can also help with sustainable advice or changing a monthly payment.

Chatbot Nina improves customer interaction across all channels. Both the number of interactions, as the satisfaction increases.

Conversational is the future. Be accessible to your customers and keep the conversation going. The number of contact moments will continue to increase, but the way of interaction is changing.

Want to Know More?

Engage with your customers in a sustainable way. Want to know how Conversational AI can help? Read the full story of Vattenfall or discover our Conversational AI Cloud.

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