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Oct 21, 2022
4 minutes read

5 Questions About Voice in Mobile Service Cloud

Thinking of customer service, the first image that comes to mind is people with headsets in a call center. Those days are gone – with all messaging channels playing a vital role in our daily lives, the call center has evolved into a contact center. We expect to communicate with companies as we do with friends and family. Sometimes a quick chat will do, while another time you prefer a phone conversation. At we understand this. That’s why we’ve added Voice as a channel to Mobile Service Cloud: connecting customers and companies via phone, and any messaging channel. In this article, you’ll find out more about Voice in Mobile Service Cloud.

1.    Is it easy to call via Mobile Service Cloud?

Yes! It’s a new channel, but we made sure it is just as easy as any other channel in Mobile Service Cloud. To get you started, we’ll create a new phone number or port your existing numbers and route the traffic to your Mobile Service Cloud destination.

Next to this simple setup, voice as a channel is easy-to-use because you’ll get the same experience as any other channel. This means that agents can start using it right away and do not need extra time to learn a new channel. Every channel works the same in Mobile Service Cloud. This is called a channel-agnostic approach. The benefit? Agents can work more efficiently, and customers get a consistent customer service experience on any channel. It’s easy for everyone, regardless of channel.

2.    Do I need to install plugins, softphones, or external downloads?

No! Skip the hassle of integrating plugins, installing softphones, or downloading external tools. Adding telephony to your contact center software is as easy as it gets with Mobile Service Cloud. Calling is vertically integrated. This means it’s entirely part of the software. You can start calling right from your browser - no other systems or software is needed. Ensure your customers and agents can get in touch with each other via phone.

Basically, you can start calling straight away. Everything you need is arranged and delivered by You don’t need to bring in other vendors to add telephony, no other parties for SIP trunking, PBX, IVR, or anything else. We got you completely covered with end-to-end control.

Skip the hassle of integrating plugins, installing softphones, or downloading external tools. Adding telephony to your contact center software is as easy as it gets with Mobile Service Cloud.

3.    Will customers directly speak to the right department or person?

Yes! What’s more frustrating than repeating your question over and over again, or getting connected to the wrong department? With our easy-to-use Voice FlowBuilder, you can tackle this problem and connect people directly to the right person. The simple drag-and-drop overview helps you to build your IVR flow, and it will work right from the moment you start building.

And when there are many phone calls? Then you can deflect calls with IVR for example to WhatsApp or SMS very easily. So your customer can choose to continue the conversation on a different channel, instead of waiting on the phone.

4.    Can I see how it works?

Of course, you can! Check out the video below to learn more about Voice in Mobile Service Cloud.

Rutger will show you in 4 minutes how you can start calling. See what it looks like in Mobile Service Cloud.

5.    What are the benefits of voice in Mobile Service Cloud?

Good question! To sum it all up, these are the benefits:

  1. Full call control in your browser

  2. No need for plugins, softphone, or other software

  3. Works the same as any other channel

  4. Vertically integrated and end-to-end control at

  5. Single contact for contract, onboarding, and other communication

Overall, adding Voice as a channel is so easy that you can start calling with your customers today! 

Want to learn more about Voice? Get in touch and give us a call!

Do you want to add telephony to your contact center? Or is your customer service team still on downloaded plugins to make calls? Voice in Mobile Service Cloud can help you out. Bring all channels together in one software solution for customer service. Want to learn more about voice? Please give us a call! We are more than happy to help you bring your contact center into today's world.

Bring all channels together in one software solution for customer service with Mobile Service Cloud

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