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Integrated Tools

Amplify the Experience

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Interactúa, promociona y escala

Gestiona, promociona y analiza tus eventos utilizando nuestra plataforma de venta de entradas totalmente personalizable

  • Accede al 100% de los ingresos antes del evento
  • Venta adicional y complementos
  • Compra rápida y sencilla
Mobile Service Cloud

Servicio móvil

Software de contacto con el cliente

Servicio móvil

Automatiza las consultas y crea una experiencia ágil para los asistentes con potentes herramientas de atención al cliente que te permitirán ahorrar tiempo y dinero

  • Plataforma de contacto con el cliente
  • Múltiples canales de mensajería
  • Chatbots automatizados
Mobile Marketing Cloud

Mobile Marketing Cloud

Campañas de marketing y CDP

Mobile Marketing Cloud

Recopila datos, capta clientes y aumenta tu audiencia con nuestra herramienta de marketing multicanal para la captación de nuevos asistentes

  • Páginas de landing para móvil
  • Flujos de trabajo automatizados
  • Plataforma integrada con datos de clientes


Festival & App para Eventos

Conoce a tus asistentes y convierte los datos de comportamiento en información.

Con tu propia aplicación de marca blanca para aumentar los ingresos durante todo el año.

  • Push Notificaciones
  • Visibilidad de marca para los patrocinadores
  • Mapa interactivo y localización inteligente
POS Payments

Box Office Solution

Hardware integrado

Box Office Solution

Vende comida, bebidas, merchandising y otros productos con nuestra solución de cashless para maximizar ingresos y reducir el tiempo de espera.

  • Pagos en taquillas
  • Caja registradora
  • Pedido móvil
Conversational Channels

Engage with your attendees

Answer your customers questions and provide event info on your attendees most used channels.

Where can I buy coach tickets for the festival?
Which city are you travelling from?
Manchester, Thanks!
WhatsApp Business
Apple Messages for Business
Viber for Business
Facebook Messenger
Instagram Messaging
Google Business Messages
RCS Business Messaging
Telegram for Business Messaging

Partner of Meta is official partner of Meta. This signifies an exceptional alliance on the forefront of technological innovation.



By creating highly customised ticket shops inline with their branding, Amnesia were able to deliver a record breaking season, which was aided by an extremely quick and easy checkout for attendees.


Ticketing Platform

  • Generate Incremental Revenue
    by upselling products during checkout
  • Segment Data
    to send offers with exclusive promotions
  • Maintain your brand
    in your own customised ticket shops


Experienced Field Operations support has helped to streamline queueing and entry management for Weekender and Out-There festival.


Operational Support

  • Dedicated Account Management
    providing platform knowledge and campaign advice.
  • Onsite support
    for entry management
  • Integrated Hardware
    for access control and real-time visibility


By segmenting and targeting their large database using integrated mobile marketing tools, TixBox harnessed mobile channels to reach an international audience of ticket buyers.


Engagement Platform

  • Increase Conversion
    and drive ticket sales across events
  • Send tailored messages
    to your attendees mobile device
  • Choose the channel
    that best suits your audience

Read our Blog

  • live-blog-raptor-blog-featured-uk
    Apr 26, 2024

    How Jagermeister found their flow to throw immersive house parties for students

  • live-blog-raptor-blog-featured-uk
    Apr 26, 2024
    How Jagermeister found their flow to throw immersive house parties for students

    The rewards of running immersive events – those that are highly conceptual and bring the attendee behind the curtain – can be exciting. Attendees want to be a part of them, journalists want to write about them, and events teams can’t wait to get creative. But immersive events need to deliver an experience! And not just at the event itself. Because experience-hungry consumers demand that the immersion begins well before the day – with every touchpoint fuelling their anticipation and excitement for what’s to come. One misstep – a rogue SMS or confusing customer journey – and the whole thing falls down. One organiser that has successfully run the high-wire of immersive events is Raptor, a marketing agency who were tasked by Jagermeister to put on a series of multi-city parties for students. Here, we unpick the nuts and bolts of their strategy – and the smart automations that made it all flow seamlessly.

    Emily Jane Brown
    Emily Jane Brown, Senior Marketing Manager


    Jagermeister already has strong brand recognition among students. Raptor’s brief, therefore, was to reaffirm that relationship and introduce new products through a series of hype-inducing events.

    The concept they devised was deceptively simple. They would host house parties in various UK cities with large student populations, stocking the fridges with the brand’s products and the bill with local DJs and MCs who were invited to bring along friends and family.

    The promo took inspiration from 90s rave culture and the scene’s if-you-know-you-know parties, with distinctive brand assets and flyers that asked would-be attendees to text a secret to a mobile number. (The secrets would be anonymously displayed at the house parties, creating an interactive and highly shareable feature for guests.)

    As for the precise location of the parties, these were not shared with the students until a few days before – further fuelling the sense of secrecy surrounding the events. It was a tight concept, and one Raptor knew would get students talking. All they needed to do now was make it work.


    But there was a snag.

    While the promotional strategy spoke to the immersive nature of the event, and the need to keep attendees guessing, it was proving complex to manage from the back-end.
    After all, this was a campaign that stretched across multiple cities and campuses and relied on a series of automations to filter people to the right event and capture all of the necessary data points.

    Raptor were able to find software for individual pieces of the puzzle (SMS marketing, survey tools, CRM) but they didn’t speak to one another. What they needed was one single source of truth – a platform that would allow them to send out automated SMS messages and emails, store responses, and process RSVPs, while giving them a single-view window on their attendees.

    Which is where came in.

    A 360 solution, equipped Raptor with an armoury of features that allowed them to map out and manage the campaign from one single platform. They were able to use the mobile marketing tool to send out the SMS’; Pages to receive and process the responses; and Workflows to put in place the automation flows and match attendees to the correct region. Underpinning all of this was’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) – which stores and unifies the data gathered across the various touchpoints and provides a comprehensive view of each attendee.

    Intricate, creative and bang on-theme – Raptor had found their flow.


    The house parties brought together party-hungry students, lively DJ sets and student MCs, with light boxes and exuberant decor adding to the ambience. The uplift for Raptor and – by extension – Jagermeister was just as exhilarating.

    As well as demonstrating how brands can use events to get closer to their audience, Raptor’s story offers an intriguing clue as to how ticketing is evolving.

    Whereas traditionally organisers would set up shop on ticketing platforms and wait for attendees with a high level of intent to drop in, now they are meeting them halfway on the channels they already use – and nurturing intent through intuitive, omnichannel customer journeys.

    You can see it in Raptor’s mechanic of asking would-be attendees to share their secrets over text, and festivals sharing exclusive tracks from headliners to tee-up next year’s pre-sale. Call it immersion or just clever marketing, it works.

    Admittedly, it’s an approach that takes a bit of innovation and tech to get right, as Raptor’s story shows. And you have to be organised enough to get your promotional ducks in a row first. But if that’s the way things are heading, why not invest now and get ahead of the curve?

    To read more about the event, here's the case study from Raptor;

  • cashless
    Mar 18, 2024

    Introducing Box Office: the solution for on-the-door sales

  • cashless
    Mar 18, 2024
    Introducing Box Office: the solution for on-the-door sales

    We're excited to release our latest development for on-the-door ticket staff; a solution that enables sales before and during your event or club night. Powered by the Ticketing platform and enabled on a variety of hardware and operating systems, we help your staff connect online sales to offline sales, seamlessly. In this blog, we look at some of the key features of Box Office.

    Emily Jane Brown
    Emily Jane Brown, Senior Marketing Manager

    1. It's your point of sale Box Office is available on a variety of hardware and operating systems including Apple, Android and Windows. This means it's portable and easy to use for your staff as part of your existing set up regardless of the type of event you're running. This includes organisers who want to sell tickets on portable devices or self service kiosks. And if you don't have the hardware or staff our leasing program can support you too.

    2. Enabling the experience

    Your attendees want to get through the door. Lost tickets or payment issues shouldn't slow them down. Print tickets, email tickets send them via an sms or allow ticket holders to scan a QR code and download a ticket to ensure they get into your event. If you want to offer discounts, these offers can be imported and payment options can be pre-loaded ahead of time. For organisers that have a wide catalogue of events and ticket types, we've made tickets searchable and added sub categories to speed things up too.

    3. Empowering your teams

    We want to make ticket sales easier for your door teams. Shift tracking and reconciliation reports, dynamic discount application and detailed reporting for in depth analysis give a clear and easy view of your event . We built the platform with the end user in mind, with multi-level user access and password restrictions, it ensures secure operations. There is also a live ticket allocation feed, facilitating seamless online and on-site ticket sales without the risk of overselling. And there's always the option to capture customer data for your next marketing campaign.

    Box Office is available now for teams who want to sell more tickets on the door, stress free. For more information or to see a demo of the platform, reach out to our team.

  • egg-blog
    Feb 19, 2024

    Driving ticket sales via SMS Campaigns: how one London club embraced the change

  • egg-blog
    Feb 19, 2024
    Driving ticket sales via SMS Campaigns: how one London club embraced the change

    Egg LDN has been a popular name on the London nightclub scene for over a decade. But with a client base that engaged predominantly via their mobile device, they needed more than just an email platform to drive ticket sales. Read how we helped the team get started with SMS.

    Emily Jane Brown
    Emily Jane Brown, Senior Marketing Manager

    The evolution of Egg LDN

    Egg LDN was founded in 2003 by Laurence Malice, taking over the space that had once been the headquarters of Trade, the cult LGBT+ club night Laurence had been putting on since the early 90s.

    Trade had been London’s first after-hours party and over time had spun out into residencies, music releases and radio slots elsewhere. Laurence had similar ambitions for Egg LDN, albeit aimed at a broader crowd, and with a well-inked little black book of world-famous DJs and music acts (“everyone from Eric Prydz through to Jeff Mills”) to call upon the Kings Cross club quickly took off. In its first few years, it earned the accolade of Best London Club at the prestigious BEDA awards and was listed in DJ Magazine’s list of the top 50 clubs in the world.

    Later on, as the strength of the Egg LDN name grew, they were able to push things forward with new rooms, nights and their own label, called What Came First. In 2019, it took home the Best Large Club award at DJ Mag’s annual awards, reflecting sixteen years of year-on-year progress and its deep connection with London’s clubbing community.

    A like-minded partner

    Since then there’s been a shift in London’s clubbing scene. “Tastes of music, how people went out changed – daytime parties have become more important. So it’s just fitting your business model around that.”

    This shift demanded a bold approach to ticketing and marketing and a tool that could link up the two. In, Egg LDN saw a like-minded partner that would help them efficiently manage and communicate to their existing audiences – while growing new ones.

    “The benefit of is that everything is in one place. Ticketing, marketing, online ordering, chatbots, and scanning are all linked up so there aren’t different systems that you have to go through, which on a small marketing team saves a lot of time” - Jake Bailey, Egg LDN’s Marketing Manager

    “The support is always great. We have a really good Account Manager and a good team around it as well. Any questions we have, they’ll come back to us as quickly as they can. More than that, work with a lot of other clubs and festivals and can see things changing. They plug us into what’s going on with the outside world and help us pick up on new trends.”

    Egg LDN has seen great value in’s SMS tool in particular, which gives them far better engagement than traditional email blasts.

    “SMS was one of the pivotal parts that put forward to us,” says Jake. “We use it to let people know about upcoming shows and if they’re on the verge of selling out. It’s a bit more immediate and a straight click-through from the phone. At the moment we’re up to about 15,000 on our SMS list and the pricing we get from is very good considering the return we get from sales.”

    “Overall, having systems like to help with my marketing – the WhatsApp chatbot, e-flyers, text-outs – has saved lots of time to improve and focus on other tasks.” continued Jake.

    Looking forward

    “Egg LDN is a worldwide brand and we’re proud of what we’ve done. We’re just hoping to have a lot more longevity,” says Hans.

    Longevity is built through future-proofing. That means continuing to develop and give a platform to new musical talent and trends. But it also means investing in the technology that sits underneath and supports all of their activities.

    On the marketing side, Jake is focused on creating a more personalised experience for Egg LDN’s regulars using’s Customer Data Platform.

    “Something that’s really good with is that you can build different marketing segments for different nights and genres. With the CDP, if a customer is not really engaging with what we are putting out it’ll let us know and help us adapt to their preferences. We want our customers to receive the right information for them – and with everything offer us in terms of SMS, email and everything else, that’s something that will help us improve in the future.”

    Over the next year, Jake plans to develop an app with, a one-stop-shop for set times, latest photos from the clubs and behind-the-scenes features. There’s also talk of a new food offering.

    “We’ve got an outside open area where we can do food. We’re looking to get our own pizza service where people can order and track service through’s online ordering app.”

    Underpinning Egg LDN’s evolution – the app, the personalised marketing, the pizzas – is a deep devotion to its community.

    “If you don’t show commitment to your customers there’s no connection. That’s why our middle floor will always be people’s favourite floor. You’re close to the DJ – you can reach out to them and they’ll shake your hand. You feel that connection.” concluded Jake.

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