Business Messaging API

One Messaging API for Multiple Channels

CPaaS solution connecting multiple messaging channels into one single Business Messaging API for seamless communication.


Business Messaging API for Powerful Conversational Messaging

Access to All Messaging Channels

Start sending and receiving messages in minutes and access all messaging channels via one single API.

Automatic Channel Fallback

In need of SMS, RCS, WhatsApp Business, Viber, or Apple Messages for Business? We can help you with requesting, verifying, activating and optimising these channels.

Privately Owned Infrastructure

Cloud platform with a unique Business Messaging API for all channels and certifications.


Messaging API Built for Developers

With the Business Messaging API you can send personalised messages to mobile phones all around the world, on all popular channels. Send and receive one message, or thousands at once.

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    Manage just one API instead of separate APIs per channel

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    Add rich content to optimise customer service

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    PHP, Java or C#? We speak your coding language!

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Software to Empower Business Messaging

Monitor and optimise your messaging strategy in our easy-to-use Channels dashboard. View all your connected messaging channels, add different accounts and keep full control.

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    Easily request additional channels and numbers

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    Get clear insight into your monthly active users

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    Test the WhatsApp Business Solution in our Sandbox

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Mobile Communication for Every Customer Interaction

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Send reminders of deliveries, orders, appointments

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Talk with your customers and deliver support

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Updates, changes or reminders; alert when it matters

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Protect accounts with two-factor authentication

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Drive action with mobile marketing campaigns

Essential Messaging Channels for Your Business

Essential Messaging Channels Guide

Essential Messaging Channels Guide

Learn more about all messaging channels used by more and more brands. Their emergence generates many questions from businesses. Chat with your customers on their preferred mobile messaging channels.

Download Guide

How Other Brands Use Our Business Messaging API understood our issue, understood that we already had a CRM in place and that we needed a bolt-on, and were prepared to look at our bespoke requirements and work with us to deliver them. That was unique.

Colin Peters, European Communications Director

Since we onboarded WhatsApp Business via, we have successfully closed more deals and could reach 3 times more of our customer base via messaging communication compared to when we were only using SMS and Email.

Lunique Kroucamp-Theunissen, Group Marketing Manager

We have been working together with for years now and we have never had any issues with regards to SMS or Voice. When did I ever have to call you to say something is wrong? Never! simply offers the best quality we can find and being the best quality platform is very important for us.

Sander Kole, Director IT

Integrate Our Business Messaging API

Easily integrate, scale-up or add extra channels with one unique Business Messaging API. There are several example codes available for different programming languages.

Discover Our Growing Platform


Easy and Convenient

Benefit from one single platform and account for all your business messaging, on all channels.


Unbeaten Reliability

Send and receive messages from our platform with high uptime and a redundant setup.


Real-Time and Historical Analytics

Our powerful analytics tools give you a real-time, detailed overview of your worldwide traffic.

Activate All Your Messaging Channels

Easily increase your customers' engagement and offer better customer service by connecting to multiple channels via one Business Messaging API.

Activate the channels you need in the Channels app on the platform.

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