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Take the Interaction With Your Visitors to a New Level

Provide a next-level experience for your visitors by communicating and engaging with them via a white-label app. Get to know them, turn their behavioural data into valuable insights, and ultimately drive revenue all year round.

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A First-Class App for Festival Visitors

The event app is for many festival-goers their holy source of information. So you better make it a good one! Drive their experience with year-round fun and valuable content in a completely branded app.

Seeing is believing.

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    Personalised newsfeed: live streams, artist biographies, and more

  2. checkbox checked icon

    Timetable: re-order and schedule to personal taste

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    Dynamic map: interactive, geo-accurate, find your friends

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    Music streaming: explore artists and add them to your playlist

Next Level Features

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Interactive map

Customise your map, add geo-accurate POI's and guide your visitors around

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Location intelligence

Discover where your audience is, engage accordingly, and enhance crowd safety

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Ticket wallet

In-app wallet where visitors can integrate their ticket and scan at the entrance

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Real-time or scheduled, linked to other content, including images.

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Augmented reality

Use camera and get guided to your active friends or specific POI's


A Powerful CMS for Promotors

You are in complete control of your app with our handy CMS. In just a few clicks, you will manage all your in-app content, communications, and design. Meanwhile, discover the behaviour and engagement of your visitors with real-time analytics and data.

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    Grab the attention of visitors by sending push-notifications

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    Customise your app in your branding & design

  3. checkbox checked icon

    Get to know your visitors with visualised data & analytics

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    No coding skills required, completely foolproof


Brand Visibility for Sponsors

Team up with sponsors and let your app become a revenue stream instead of an expense. Give them outstanding brand visibility and/or let them support on-site brand activations.

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    Add branded cards to your feed & combine with push notifications

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    Create a dedicated sponsor section

  3. checkbox checked icon

    Keep track of promotional efforts with real-time analytics

  4. checkbox checked icon

    Brand POIs with logos, colors, and texts

This Is How We Roll

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    Deliver us your logo and other assets

  2. brush

    We start creating and building your app

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    Are you happy? Let's validate and submit

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    Receive a 1hr CMS training from our team

  5. play

    Fire up all your content, and let's go!

Our Pricing

£249 p/m
  • Standard event app

  • Programmation & Information

  • Engage with your fans

  • Sponsor embeds

  • Data & analytics

£499 p/m
  • Customised menu structure

  • Workflow & content automation

  • Integrated ticket wallet

  • Advanced sponsor Embeds

  • Advanced data & analytics

  • Interactive map

  • Cashless integration

  • Ticket integration

  • Data alignment (SSO)

  • Location intelligence

Let’s Team Up!

Our fantastic team is 100% focused on helping event organisers and festival promoters to become more successful by driving their visitor experience and fan engagement next to assisting them in their digital transformation paths.

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