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Automate Customer Care with AI Chatbots

Satisfy customers and employees via a scalable, automated service. Enterprise-ready, easy to implement and code-free.

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Our Chatbots Help Your Business in Many Ways

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Keep your customers happy by letting the chatbot answer their enquiries quickly, without the need for human intervention.

Boost Employee Moral

Take the strain for your contact centre. Let the chatbot handle the simple recurring questions, so your agents can focus on the important conversations. Happy agents mean happy customers.

Reduce Live Contact and Service Costs

Our chatbots are lightning fast. They can handle millions of conversations concurrently, drastically reducing your call volumes and service costs.

Promote Self-Service 24/7

Offer your customers a world-class digital experience with 24/7 support and allow them to get their queries answered instantly, through whichever channel is most convenient.

Increase Your Revenue

A conversational chatbot can uplift your conversion rate and increase revenue. From cross-selling and up-selling, to handling transactions, including payments: you name it, the bot can do it!


Customer care channels

Excel in Customer Service

Improve your customer service, reduce costs and make your customers smile!

Provide support by using a chatbot on their favorite communication channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, SMS, Google RCS, and Web Chat.

Regardless of the channel your customers choose, be there when the customer needs you, on their terms.

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A Chatbot That Best Suits Your Business

Despite your business size, existing service department, or demand, we can provide you with the best suitable chatbot.


Scripted Chatbot

The Scripted Chatbot is part of Mobile Service Cloud and delivers powerful support in closed dialogues, where predefined options and answers guide your customers in their service journey. 

The Scripted Chatbot is suitable for medium-sized enterprises to support specific service journeys like: 

  1. Buy a ticket or make a reservation

  2. Schedule a meeting 

  3. Contact request 

  4. Request order status 

Conversational AI Cloud

Conversational AI Cloud is AI-powered and enables you to automate full conversations as your extra hand in service.

It's suitable for medium and large enterprises and provides full support in customers engagement like: 

  1. Understand human input and handle full conversations 

  2. Find accurate answers and solve problems 

  3. Personalised interaction and first-line support 

  4. If needed handover to a human agent at the right time

Conversational AI Cloud

Choose One of the World’s Best Chatbot Providers

In recent years, the chatbot industry has experienced exponential growth. While there are thousands of vendors to choose from, we remain ahead of the crowd. Our chatbots provide users with an intuitive drag & drop interface, enabling them to create a chatbot without needing to learn a single line of code.

We have been in the chatbot business for 15 years; we are one of the world’s best chatbot providers according to Gartner, Forrester, and Tractica, and over 70+ prestigious brands trust our platforms.


Understanding The Impact Of Chatbots

Understanding The Impact Of Chatbots

How have chatbots impacted employee experience? How are chatbots enabling better customer service? Discover more about how customer service professionals are using chatbots here.

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Industry Applications of Chatbots

Sports and Leisure

Be there for fans on the all channels


Engage anywhere in the world

Scripted Chatbot or Conversational AI Cloud

Meet Your Business Needs

Scripted Chatbot Conversational AI Cloud
Scripted Chatbot Conversational AI Cloud

Live Chat

Web Integration

App Integration

Conversational Channels Integration

No Coding Required

Support Team

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Drag and Drop Code-Free Interface

Seamless Agent Takeover

Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge Management

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Let’s arrange a quick call about how Conversational AI and scripted bots could help you overcome your specific business challenges. We have 15 years' experience in helping 70+ brands reduce service costs, increase customer satisfaction and increase revenue with higher compliance levels.

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