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Communicate with customers via SMS, Voice, Conversational Channels & Chatbots. Collect Payments online and offline to take your business from conversation to conversion. Implement E-Signing for documents and agreements. And streamline your customers journey with our Marketing and Support Solutions to provide a seamless customer experience.

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Conversational Commerce

Our Customers

accor hotels

Keep on moving with WhatsApp | Radius Payment Solutions

Radius Payment Solutions is a global fuel card, telematics, telecoms, insurance and electric vehicle charging company with 30 offices in 15 countries. It’s a fast-moving company, so Radius uses two-way SMS and WhatsApp to keep its customer service on the right track. 

"We're just trying to be there when the customer needs us, on their terms, and we believe WhatsApp lets us do that.”

> Proactive support on customer’s preferred channels

> Integrate voice, email, SMS and WhatsApp into one bespoke contact solution

> Build loyalty and trust among Radius’ customers


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Radius Payment Solutions Head Office

Why Customers Use Our Platform

“We have been working together with for years now and we have never had any issues with regards to SMS or Voice. When did I ever have to call you to say something is wrong? Never! simply offers the best quality we can find and being the best quality platform is very important for us.”

Sander Kole, Director IT at

"Shopping can be done anytime, at any place, and purchases will be delivered to your doorstep or wherever you choose. Mobile Only, I firmly believe in that." 

AH Tap to Go uses SMS Campaigns and Pages, identification with SMS, Payment SMS Notifications and mobile in-store payments.

Jan-Willem Dockheer, General Manager AH to go

"To better serve our fans and business supporters and to reward loyalty, you need to know who they are. That way you can approach everyone more effectively."

NAC Breda, football club in the Netherlands, uses the platform to interact with supporters and business relations.

Eric Matijssen, Commercial Manager at NAC Breda

Informing Customers About Their Order | connects over 50,000 restaurants in 11 countries with millions of consumers. To effectively inform those consumers, they use SMS: the most reliable and fast way to reach everyone on their mobile phone. 

"SMS is an easy choice to proactively inform consumers, and to avoid the need to contact and worry about their order. We can immediately inform the consumer via SMS that the order has been received.”

  1. SMS removes friction, saving time and money.

  2. Keeps customers informed at every step

  3. Makes online ordering simple and reliable

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Informing customers about their order |

Marketing campaigns and communication

Drive action at every stage of the marketing funnel with our 360-degree mobile marketing solutions that boost customer conversions and brand evangelism.

  1. SMS & Conversational Channels

  2. Email Campaigns

  3. Mobile Landing Pages

  4. Customer Data Platform

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Service and support conversations

Whether working remotely or in the office, empower your support agents to deliver fast, efficient service & support on any messaging channel.

  1. SMS & Messaging

  2. Conversational Chat Apps

  3. Voice & IVR

  4. AI & Chatbots

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