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The Future of Mobile Messaging Is Here

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Enrich Your Communications

Send rich, interactive and personalised experiences directly to the #1 most used feature of phones today: the SMS inbox. All you need is your customer's phone number.

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Redefine Mobile Messaging With RCS

For years, SMS has dominated the way we communicate via mobile. It's still one of the most reliable channels, but new channels with richer features continue to emerge.

RCS is like modern day messaging apps, with one major difference: it uses carrier networks instead of the internet. RCS allows brands to enhance how they engage with customers on many different levels. 

  1. Verified Sender: Instantly know who is contacting you

  2. Rich Content: Send Images, GIFs, Live Audio and Video

  3. Engagement: Improve your conversion and click rate

  4. Dialogue: Chatbot support, calls and live chats

How RCS Is Transforming Business Messaging

RCS will change the way we use SMS and takes communication with customers to a whole new level. Learn how our customers used RCS as a messaging channel.

Take Customer Communication to the Next Level

Gain the Trust of Your Audience

As a verified sender, your customer always knows it's you. This gains the trust of your customers as they are ensured the message is sent by a trusted business.

Engage With Customers Like Never Before

Add rich content like pictures, GIFs, audio and even video. Inform, instruct and promote your brand or business with a complete range of tools.

SMS Fallback Guarantees Delivery

We guarantee the delivery of your message. When RCS is not enabled on a mobile device, we offer a fallback, meaning that customers will receive a message with the same information via SMS.

Global Coverage

RCS continues to gain more and more global traction and availability. Benefit from the Direct Operator Connections CM.com has in place and get the most out of high quality routing.


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Omnichannel Messaging From a Single Dashboard

With the Mobile Service Cloud, you have access to all messaging channels, tools, and features to elevate your customer care to the highest level. Our conversation dashboard minimises pressure on your agents and enables you to maximise NPS and ROI.

Communicate with your customers through their preferred messaging channel, such as WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Twitter, SMS and manage all conversations in one easy-to-use dashboard.

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One Business Messaging API to Rule Them All

The CM.com Business Messaging API enables you to send messages from your system to mobile phones all around the world.

This RESTful API is the main interface between your application and the CM.com Platform and can be implemented to communicate via various communication channels such as SMS, Apple Messages for Business, WhatsApp, RCS and Viber. We accept single messages, but also very high volumes.

Business Messaging API

Get Started With RCS Business Messaging

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By connecting to the CM.com platform you can get access to Telegram and all our other messaging channels to make sure you're not missing out in any way.

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