RCS Business Messaging

Discover RCS: The Future of Text Messaging

Bring text messages to life with rich media for the ultimate customer engagement.

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The Power of RCS for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Rich Communication Services (RCS) redefines mobile messaging, leveraging carrier networks instead of the internet. It empowers brands to elevate customer engagement for marketing, commerce, customer service, and security.

Offer the Ultimate Shopping Experience and Boost Conversions

Use RCS Messaging to send your audience personalised updates and offers, providing them with a seamless in-channel shopping experience to boost revenue.

Provide Personal Customer Service Anytime, Anywhere with RCS

Add RCS to your contact centre to facilitate seamless agent-customer connections. Handle multiple conversations simultaneously without losing personalised customer support.

Strengthen Security with RCS

Implement One Time Passwords (OTP) to verify and authenticate your customers and send passwords safely, reinforcing the security of online data and prioritising safety for all users.

Take Customer Engagement to the Next Level With RCS

Verified Sender

Displays authenticated brand and company details within a message, reassuring the user that their communication with this account is secure.

Rich Content

RCS enables rich content features such as images, media carousels, CTA buttons, GIFs, live audio, and video.


Enhance audience engagement with live chats, chatbot support, and calls, ensuring the personal support they need.


Engage your audience when relevant to them and boost your conversion and click-through rates.

Guaranteed Delivery

CM.com guarantees the delivery of RCS messages with a fallback to SMS text messages.

RCS: The Best of SMS and Messaging Apps in One Channel

Discover how RCS Business Messaging can help your brand share interactive content, engage with customers and increase brand engagement.

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Why Choose CM.com for RCS Business Messaging

  1. Fast implementation and migration
  2. Integrate via API or software
  3. Premium customer support
  4. GDPR-compliant & secure

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