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Build Voice Experiences With Our Voice API

Use our Voice API Apps to create your own voice applications in a flexible way, while still remaining in full control.

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What Are You Going to Build with Our Voice API?

Outbound Scenarios Made Easy

Create your own voice applications in a flexible way with easy-to-use building blocks, while remaining full control.

For Every Business Need

Build engaging voice experiences and scale and modify your call flows with a wide array of customisable features.

Cost Effective

Benefit from significant cost savings. With our simple usage-based pricing plan you only pay for what you use.

Voice Conversations Without Boundaries

Our Voice API Apps enable any developer to create and maintain outbound call flows. It provides the required control and flexibility to easily build your own voice applications.

  1. Use the API from a .NET or .NET Core application

  2. Choose your preferred programming language

  3. Gain new insights with detailed call event data

Choose Your Voice Functionalities

Implement your voice functionalities with a comprehensive set of APIs or SDKs and build voice applications with our easy-to-use prefab building blocks. Use our Voice API for:

  1. Audio notifications (billing per minute)

  2. One Time Passwords (billing per message)

  3. Request DTMF (billing per minute)

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Start With Building Voice Applications

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Our API Apps Integrated Quick and Easy

Our Voice API Apps are a set of pre-configured apps for outbound scenarios. Jumpstart with one of our templates, integrate quickly what you need, and get your first call out.

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Voice Management App for Clear Insights

The Voice Management app puts you 100% in charge of your voice traffic and provides detailed insights into your usage. With your API key, you can set up calls using our Voice API, or retrieve CDRs using the CDR API.

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Discover The Benefits Of Our Powerful Voice Platform

Scalable Voice Solutions

Easily scale your Concurrent Channels and Call Setups per Second. CM.com is able to handle both your inbound as well as outbound capacity.

Instant Access to Call Detail Records

Get insights into detailed information about each call for anti-fraud purposes, such as timestamp, destination, surcharges, and more.

We Take Quality Seriously

With high uptime and a redundant setup, you can rely on our highly secure and ISO 27001 certified platform with 24/7/365 support.

Get Started With Our Voice API

Get access to a range of great VoIP products and services to enhance your global voice business. Direct operator connections worldwide mean premium call quality through our global geo-redundant platform.

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