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Improve Your Customer Experience on WhatsApp

Provide always-on and personalised support and turn conversations into revenue on one of the most popular messaging channels.

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Use WhatsApp as Marketing Channel and Increase Conversions

Improve your digital strategy and use WhatsApp as a marketing tool for direct, personalised communication with your audience.

Cut through the email marketing noise and easily share your latest news or offers with all your opted-in customers on WhatsApp with just one click.

People get flooded with messages from companies, especially during sale periods. Use WhatsApp Business Platform to advertise your deals and stand out in the crowd.

Get up to 30% abandoned cart conversion via re-engagement messages on WhatsApp. Let your customers rediscover their wishlists and make that sale.

Offer Your Customers Service on WhatsApp Anytime, Anywhere

Add WhatsApp to your contact centre and help your agents to connect easily with customers. Tackle more conversations at a time without losing personal customer support.

Benefit from the high engagement rate of WhatsApp and use it to collect valuable feedback. Lower the threshold and let customers decide when they will reply or fill out the questionnaire.

Share key information, status updates, and delivery confirmations about shipped orders via WhatsApp to keep your customers informed.

Optimise answering repetitive questions by implementing an FAQ chatbot on WhatsApp. Help customers find the correct information and take the pressure off your customer service team.

Provide the Best Shopping Experience on WhatsApp

Use WhatsApp Commerce to offer the complete customer buying journey in WhatsApp. Give the complete shopping experience in one channel and drive revenue growth.

Make it easy for customers to view products and make orders. Use multi-product & single product messages to highlight your products or services directly in WhatsApp. 

Assist your customers in their buying experience and provide personal advice when most needed. 88% of consumers are more likely to buy when they receive recommendations from store employees.

Turn interactive conversations on WhatsApp into conversions. Ensure a comprehensive and end-to-end shopping experience on a single chat screen.

Improve Customer Experiences With WhatsApp Business


Connect With Today's Customers

Offer world-class customer service and minimise friction in the buying and customer journey on your customer's favourite messaging app.


Initiate More Conversations

Reply to incoming messages, or get ahead of the game with message templates and provide opted-in customers with the info they need.


Benefit From Powerful Features

Take advantage of features such as quick replies, product messages, and broadcasting newsletters for effective communication with customers.

WhatsApp Chatbot

Automate WhatsApp Conversations With a Chatbot

Reduce pressure on your customer care team by automating repetitive tasks. Let our chatbots handle the recurring jobs so your agents can focus on the conversations that really matter. 

How Our Customers Use WhatsApp Business

Read how our customers in various industries use WhatsApp to create trust, increase sales and improve customers experience.

Why CM.com as WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

  1. alarm

    Fast implementation and migration

  2. code

    Easily integrated via API or software

  3. location-current

    High-level customer support

  4. verified

    GDPR-compliant & secured

WhatsApp Business Platform Guide

Download the WhatsApp Business Platform Guide

In this guide we help you understand the difference between WhatsApp Business App and Platform, how to integrate WhatsApp into your existing support journey and share customer stories.

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Grow Your Business with WhatsApp

Do you want to reach your customers on their preferred mobile channel? Choose CM.com as your official WhatsApp Business Solution provider and easily manage all your conversations with the Mobile Service Cloud. Start the conversation on WhatsApp and provide a world class mobile customer experience..

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