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5 Ways to Supercharge Your Sponsor Revenue with an Event App

Many festivals and events struggle with limited budgets and view an event app as an unnecessary luxury. Nothing could be further from the truth; an event app doesn't have to be a cost but rather an additional revenue stream. It adds tremendous value as a digital assistant for your attendees, and on the other hand, you have an extra tool to provide sponsors and partners with much more exposure and 'stage time.' If you convince your sponsors of this, they will be more than happy to pay for it, and you won't have to worry about your budget anymore. 75% of organizers who use a strong app manage to make more money with the app than it costs them. In fact, some festivals do so well that app revenue can cover a significant portion of their entire technology budget.

Esmee Spaan
Esmee Spaan,
Product Marketer Ticketing

Full Experience and Engaging with Your Fans

Being digitally connected is the name of the game now, and your biggest fans are spending more and more time online. So, it just makes sense to bring your event into the online world as well. An awesome event app combines both online and offline to give your attendees the full event experience. Think about having your program, an interactive map, and direct interactions with your fans through push notifications. With an app, you're building a strong bond with your fans – before, during, and after the event. You're reaching right into their pockets with pre-sales and announcements. The numerous possibilities for year-round personal engagement will also catch the attention of your sponsors and boost your revenue.

Tech and Data: More Opportunities for Sponsors

An event app gives your fans a valuable tool that they use frequently. And with smart personalization and data insights, your event app can become a powerful tool for sponsors too. Sure, those big, colorful banners still have a visual 'wow' factor. A flashy 4-meter-tall banner definitely grabs attention at any event. But what's the exact Return on Investment (ROI) for a sponsor from that? While physical banners might make a big impact, an event app provides sponsors with precise data on how much traction their digital sponsorship is getting. Finally, you can provide sponsors with solid data. Clicks, views, time on page, and even conversions are measured in a real-time analytics dashboard. You can even offer the data collected from ticket sales and other interactions during the event. Send a ROI report to your sponsors for added value and a boost to your sponsorship deals.


Smart Strategies for Brand Activation in Your Event App

An event app opens up new and creative ways for your sponsors to engage with your fans. They get more personal and valuable visibility, and they can clearly see the ROI from their partnership. An event app is a goldmine of opportunities for sponsors. To give you a taste, here are 5 clever examples of how sponsors can activate their brand through your event app:

1. Stand Out with In-Your-Face Visibility

The home screen, the splash page of your app, is a clever move. The app is opened an average of about 14 times per user. Just imagine: 14 opportunities for your sponsor to stand out. If you use an interactive map during your event, make sure to include references to your sponsor in it. Among all the other Points of Interest (POIs), simply place the sponsor's logo at the physical location where they can be found. Sponsors can strengthen their on-site activation strategies through the app. We are increasingly seeing that sponsorship entails more than just having a booth at the event. By making online and offline work together, you can boost the return on investment (ROI).


2. Add Branded Interactive Banners to Your Newsfeed

According to many events already using an app, the newsfeed is the best way to communicate and connect with visitors. Especially when you offer valuable information, they keep coming back for the latest updates. Give sponsors space and attention in your newsfeed through banner ads. They're eye-catching and can be fully customized to match your sponsor's branding. This way, you can use the event app to highlight a sponsor or direct traffic to their Point of Interest (POI) on the premises. Moreover, a newsfeed is not influenced by algorithms like other social media platforms. You have full control over where and when you want to display banners or ads. Easy, right?


3. Get Attention with Push Notifcaties

With the event app, you can easily send push notifications to your visitors about the schedule or crowd conditions, for example. Push notifications are highly visible and reach users directly on their devices. For sponsors, this is a goldmine of user attention and an appealing method for brand activation. You can also offer fully branded and segmented push notifications if you're using our Customer Data Platform and Mobile Marketing Cloud in addition to the app. If your sponsor is physically present at your event, send a push notification to your attendees when they are near the sponsor's location, encouraging them to stop by for extra interaction.

4. Host a Contest with In-App Campaigns

How cool would it be to run a partner contest with your sponsor? Whether it's about free merchandise or complimentary drinks, you're creating opportunities to positively link visitors with your sponsor. You can use banners or push notifications to promote your contest. This way, app users are directed straight to your sponsor's location.

5. A Dedicated Page in the App

Alongside amazing content and exciting line-ups, create additional space for your sponsors in your app. Powerful tools include an overview of all your sponsors and dedicated pages that spotlight sponsors. This gives sponsors ample chances for storytelling and brand activation. Combine the sponsor page with the options mentioned above and offer an appealing sponsorship package with new and creative opportunities.

Boost Your Revenue with Sponsors in Your Own Dedicated Event App

With a fully branded event app, you enhance engagement with your fans and build your growing digital community. Expand your sponsorship opportunities with real-time analytics, data insights, and ample room for personalized brand activation. This way, you prepare your event for the future and boost your sponsorship revenue!

Esmee Spaan
Esmee Spaan,
Product Marketer Ticketing

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